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    Buy Domains In Bulk And Save $$$!


    I've got 9 slots left before I can close registrations on domain names. After these, I will no longer be offering domain names like I did previously to people under an older company..

    You can do the following options:

    Buy 3 domains: $25.95/year (Equates to $8.65 each)
    Buy 5 domains: $42.50/year (Equates to $8.50 each)
    Buy 7 domains: $58.45/Year (Equates to $8.35 each)
    Buy 9 domains: $73.80/Year (Equates to $8.20 each)

    (If someone chooses an option before you, you will be offered a lower bulk package, OR you can be offered the 9 domain package, if you prepay $100 (the remaining balance can be used for renewals.)

    Payments are ONLY accepted in paypal.

    Email me at [email protected]

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    I've changed the offer up a bit to benefit others.

    For $25/Year. We'll give you 4 domains. That's $6.25 a piece.

    For $60/Year. We'll give you 4 domain names and 4 shared hosting accounts with the following specs:

    File Space: 1GB
    Bandwidth: 30GB

    If you're needing more Filespace or Bandwidth, we can accomadate.

    By doing this option you're essentially getting 4 domain names for $6.25 each per year and 4 shared hosting accounts for less than $0.70 each per month.

    This is perfect for those who are starting a brand new site, and do not want to use up space or bandwidth on their reseller accounts or dedicated accounts to allow more resources for their clients.

    The low filespace and bandwidth overhead allows for growth. It is normal for a newly released website to accumulate less than 10GB per month of bandwidth during it's first 6 months..

    You're saving alot of space and bandwidth, and alot of cash during your growth period, while getting a reliable resource.

    Please email all offers to [email protected] or PM them to me here.
    VPSHelp - Coming soon to a newbie near you.

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