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    How to create sub domain accounts in whm?

    Can anybody tell me how to create sub domain accounts in Whm?
    Do i need to to do somethingh in the dns functions area?

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    This would better be done in CPanel not WHM as specific entries need to be added to your httpd.conf file. So you would want to login to the persons cpanel account from WHM to do this.
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    You can create a subdomain account with its own Cpanel in WHM if you want. You just create the account like you would any other domain account, you just use as the domain. - Professional Web Design and Hosting Services

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    If you add sub domain through WHM, you need to edit DNS of your main domain and add an A Record for your sub domain.

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    You can create a subdomain which will then have it's own user account by using the new account script. This is useful in the case where you will need to create a subdomain which will have it's own ssl certificate or dedicated ip address. However, if you want the subdomain to be managable via the main domain's cpanel, just create it via cpanel. You won't be able to install ssl, or give the subdomain a dedicated ip if you do that though.

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    Thanks a lot guys

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    Does your host not offer a knowledge base or even FAQ in your control panel.

    Also for future reference try checking
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    Always worked for me just typing in the domain box

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