Why do you call GamersBanner the next generation of Banner Exchange

Most Banner Exchanges out there count credit usages by impressions which often lead to fraud impressions and clicks by abusing violators
Gamersbanner is actively developing new technologies to stop cheating by violators.

Currently we have these features integrated to our program:
1. Smart Traffic Processing
2. Unique System Exposures (We don't use impressions!)
3. Auto-credit system to stop and punish Excessive Fraud Exposures/Clicks
while crediting back the victim member

Smart Traffic Processing - An advanced system that automatically determines the quality of the surfing visitors and then rewards the displaying members credits and deduct the displayed banner members credits accordingly

Unique System Exposures - We don't count every impression that the site deliever to us. We don't deduct credits for every exposure that the banner got displayed. We use a unique system that judge the incoming impression and outgoing exposure then follow by Smart Taffic Processing to determine the reduce/add credits

Auto-credit system - An exclusive prevention that stop violators from refreshing their banners with an auto-refreshing script over and over again. This prevention will actually deduct credits from the displaying member if excessively amount of impressions sent in from the same IP, same computer, same country in a short time.

That is not all!! Auto-credit system will automatically credit-back the credits to the victim account(s). [Super exclusive feature]
With all these exclusive features.. and helpful supporting staffs, GamersBanner.com is here to help you to success.

We have an impressive overall click thru ratio (CTR%) : 3.43%
With over 230 members, some members banners performance have archieved nearly 8% CTR Of course, there will be some that are getting in the lows 2% or 1%. We generate over 3,000,000 raw impressions per day and serving over 362 banners. With our woodcrest dual core dedicated server, performance is not an issue.

Gamersbanner.com is dedicated to develop the best banner exchange system in the overwhelming banner exchange programs today.

If you are looking for more information about us or want to sign up now and get 30,000 bonus unicredits

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