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    what if i do that to a shared host

    Hi all

    i was thinking to get a site with up to 2000 GB traffic the problem is all the planes that offers such a huge traffic are shared VPS goes maybe up to 2000 but the price is wayyy larger.

    so what if i took the shared plan lets say with lunarpages or bluehost and i used most of my traffic ( like i reached 1700 GB ) will the host stop my site or will they really hold up to the plan and let me do that. i mean is what you read you get ?

    last question, other than the root access advantage and having the ability to install softwares why should i get VPS and not a shared plan


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    Most of the time sites that get suspended are using too much cpu/ram. If your site is mostly static content, and the bandwidth being used is to transfer files or serve a static site, you more than likely wont run into many issues. On the other hand if you have a dynamic site, or a medium-large forum and thats whats using the bandwidth, more than likely you will have issues in a shared environment.

    The main benifit of vps over shared IS the admin access, so you can configure your servers anyway you need. Following that though, you can ussually upgrade your VPS to include extra resources as needed, unlike shared where the case is somewhat different. Some hosts will suspend your shared account and insist you either go straight to VPS or dedicated, if you use too much ram/cpu. If you overload your vps its generally only you that will suffer (such as a VPS crash or servers stop responding as running out of resources).

    Really without knowing what type of site your hosting (php based, straight html, ruby,etc,etc) its hard to make a recommendation

    edit: alot of times its good to chat with tech support and tell them exactly what you will be using (even if it seems within the plan specs) and see if they forsee a problem. Ussually if you've spoken to them prior to causing any system issues, they are often times more willing to work with you.
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    thank u Mize

    the site consist of "1" php file that enables you to upload images, i mean it is not a full image upload site with registration or anything, just upload image and use the link somewhere else ( the image you upload won't even show on the site ). does that considered as a resource taker ?

    one extra thing , how come a didicated server or a VPS do not give the same amount of traffic ? i have no problem going to VPS but the traffic is yet less
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    If the rest of your sites are straight static sites, I think there would be a shared hosting plan available that could handle it. Generally transferring files is a low resource job, but im not 100% sure how much php uses to transfer in that manner, ive never done it before. I still think since you wouldnt be doing heavy SQL queries and the like, your site would probbably come in under the 'abuse' radar at a reputable host.

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    This depends on many other factors. If you are using much of the CPU at any given time, you could potentially be booted from the service before ever reaching the bandwidth limits. It's definitely best to read the TOS before choosing a particular host to see what the exact limits of the service are.
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