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    domain dispute ? :(

    Hello, we have register more time ago a domain for our customer.

    Domain is a .cn and name domain is = to firm name

    Customer register .cn because make more business there.

    Now we have receive this email bellow, what do you think about it ?

    Is real ?

    We think is bad email, spam or other.. but .. how know ?

    >This is the notice for domain name dispute in China.
    >We are ***** Co., Ltd, which is the authorized organization of China Internet Network Information Center CNNIC.
    >Our organization received an application submitted by ***. on the January 10, 2007. They applied to register the Internet keywords as "***" and the Chinese Domain name, in order to be as their domain names. During the course of checking, we find these brand keywords are the same as your company's name and brands-names.
    >Internet keyword is one type of domain name registration systems managed by CNNIC. The system is regarded as the "Internet Brands" in China as any Internet keyword which is registrated only once. Chinese Domain name is an upstage domain names in China which is formed in Chinese characters.
    >As the company whose name is familiar with the applied domain names, you can dispute the application and own the preferential rights to register the domain names. We suggest that you can realize the laws and situation of domain names in China. And then make sure whether your office should need reserve the rights concerned above. If you will dispute their application or you have any question with this matter, please contact us by phone or mail in three work-day..
    >Also you may consign this matter to the law firm which can be responsible for your intellectual property in China.
    >Thanks. Best Regards.
    >CNNIC *** Organization
    >---------*** CO.LTD.
    >TEL ***
    >FAX **
    >E-MAIL **

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    Are you sure this is genuine and not some scam?

    Suggest you do some research before you do anything else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lubeca
    Are you sure this is genuine and not some scam?
    I think is not genuine but how check it ?

    Site seems normal registar

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    It doesn't read right to me, and unless it is signed with a verifiable pgp key or equivalent then I'd have to say ignore it or at least dont respond to it.

    I guess if you are worried you could check your situation with the CNNIC?

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    yes, we have contact CNNIC to know if there really is any problem / dispute.

    But think that if other ask that domain re-assign Nic must be notice us, right ?


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    contact CNNIC and ask them to confirm
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    Quote Originally Posted by webstyler
    yes, we have contact CNNIC to know if there really is any problem / dispute.

    But think that if other ask that domain re-assign Nic must be notice us, right ?

    You would think/hope so, yes. though I have no experience with the .cn NIC.

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    Thanks for your letter!

    CNNIC to be CN domain name,CDN Domain Name(like "中文.cn/.中国/.公司/.网络")
    and Internet Keyword Registry refers to the administration institution that
    is responsible for operating, maintaining and managing certain Top Level
    Domain Name System. And CNNIC accredited CN domain name,CDN Domain Name and
    Internet Keyword registrars take charge of registration for end-users.

    *** Co., Ltd is really one of our accredited
    registrars.And it is really have opportunity that another interested party
    has also been attempting to register their brandnames as the domains. So we
    may suggest customers strictly go through our website to make comprehend about Internet
    Keyword and then they can make decision about register by convenience. And
    you could connect *** Co., Ltd. to make
    consultation about register either.

    And we have checked the words,they are not registered yet.So if you need to
    register CN domain name,CDN domain name or Internet Keyword,you could
    contact our accredited registrars,and the name lists of the registrar is as

    CN domain name:

    CDN domain name:

    Internet Keyword: .

    In the mean time,we also have the accredited registrars overseas,you could
    please look through ,and choose
    one registrar helping you register CN domain name.

    Best Regards,


    WE have read
    "And we have checked the words,they are not registered yet"
    and so have sent new email to NIC fo ask why ..
    In they whois and all whois our customer domain is ok.

    THEY answer:


    Thanks for your letter again.

    The result you have checked is from CN domain whois,but the word "***" will be registerd to be a Internet Keyword through the email.

    Internet Keyword, a newly emerged technique for visiting network names, is a convenient way to realize the visitation of the browser by establishing a corresponding relationship between Internet Keyword and URL. You only need to use the language you are familiar with to tell the browser the address of the Internet Keyword you want to go.

    And you could please look through 《FAQ for Internet Keyword》 to know Internet Keyword.

    And it is really have opportunity that another interested party has also been attempting to register their brandnames as Internet Keyword.And you could contact Shanghai Huibai Internet Service Co., Ltd. to make sure the details.

    Best Regards,

    Internet Keyword

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    I've read

    but not sure to have undestand

    can anyone help pls

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    Just got the same email ... looks pretty dodgy.

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    Registering Internet keywords was a big push back in the early 90's (I think) between Microsoft and another company (forget their name). In essence you would be able to type in a single word or phrase into your browser and you would be directed to the website that registered that word or phrase. So if your company name is foobar and your website URL is you could register the word foobar and anyone who types that word into their browser would be directed to Now if your company name is foobar computers and your domain name is then you would be out of luck with the keyword registering of the word foobar.

    Basically the keyword register went nowhere here in the US but in China they are doing it. And if you type in words without an extension into your browser some words will direct to a URL. Like type in ibm or hp or microsoft and see where your browser ends up.

    If I read your first letter correctly it sounds like someone is trying to steal your domain name by tricking you into thinking there is a dispute and hoping you will give it up. Since they have not registered the keywords and/or companion domains I would assume that this is not for real. I don't know if it is worth it or not but if you can register the keywords that they claim are theirs that would stop this foolishness. I don't think they can take away your domain name.

    Let us know how this turns out.

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