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    Hosting Recommendations?


    I've been reading this forum for months now while researching on what most of you all talked about.. but at the end, I feel like I should ask since I am not quite sure of what I should do.

    So here's my story...

    I host my own game video website which is just basically html pages with bittorrent links or ftp links (of people who would volunteer to host my game videos).

    For bittorrent, it is directly hosted from my computer since I have a static IP from my DSL ISP. So this pretty much solve a lot of headaches in finding a bittorrent server out on the net.

    Unfortunately, good things must come to an end... as I may have to move soon.

    This means I will lose my ISP as well as my website and my static IP. It is most likely that I will be getting cable which obviously will be a dynamic IP.

    Hence I believe I should look for a server (maybe a dedicated one?) which could allow me to host my own website as well as some others (I got a few people I know that would pay me to make and host a website for them, which I will be doing when I can get a good server/host).

    I would like one that can run PHP (for my phpBB2 forums and database [mySQL]) as well as possibility of running a simple bittorrent server (just to hold the "torrent files" of only my game videos so people can seed/download).

    I was reading a few posts and one caught my eye.. that one was's "reseller_plans" since it seems to have what I want (like Entry or Professional).

    But knowing I am probably forgetting or missing something is why I should ask you all who are much more experienced than me.

    Changing ISP and using that webspace for hosting my webspace isn't worth the trouble if I change ISP again.. I rather have a good stable host so I won't have to worry as much. I already have a domain name registered (from but I don't think getting a webhost from them would be a good idea from what I have read on this board.

    Is there anything I should know about?
    Is there any good suggestions or plan for my scenerio?


    - LL

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    You are on the right path

    Search for reviews on Webcinch, see what comes up. You might also want to contact them before signing up to make sure they will allow you to host torrents on their server.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterLL
    as well as possibility of running a simple bittorrent server (just to hold the "torrent files" of only my game videos so people can seed/download).
    This can be harder to find than other items.
    So, it's the first thing you may want to ask the host.

    Some hosts/providers of 'Shell account' would possibly let you do that.
    If your usage of torrent server is very reasonable, smaller hosts might agree to run it.
    With larger shared hosts, I'd say the chances are slim.

    Good luck.


    I saw torrent hosting. I don't know if it's what you are looking for, though.

    You can find more with google, too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by extras
    This can be harder to find than other items.
    So, it's the first thing you may want to ask the host.
    Agree with this 100%, you should always ask your host about stuff like bitorrent and such. Good luck!
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    Thank you very much for the responses. Yes, I should always email them about such allowing like "Bittorrent" since I know there are those who are afraid of illegal actions that might take place from file sharing (luckily my reasons are none of that at all).

    Also, since my bittorrent (which I run off my same computer that I use to play games and create gameplay videos, since it has its own static IP address) barely get any people... I doubt much resources and bandwidth would be used anyways.

    I am aware that there is not a perfect hosting company but yet, I am hoping my first decision in choosing one will be a great experience.

    Since Webcinch (as per example in my questions) servers is located in Texas, which is where I am.. I am hoping this maybe a good canadiate to sign up for and hope for the best.

    I do have a few more questions though...

    01) WHM Reseller Hosting Plans
    Does this mean that it is on its own dedicated server (for myself, not semi-dedicated or shared with other people) which I can use for my website as well as create other websites for people who wants to have their own "domain" under my account?

    I really want to make sure this is what I am understanding as I looked around about that.

    02) What questions should I email the host about (any information I should always ask)?
    So far I have:
    - Bittorrent allowed
    - Emails (I've read a few posts here about having email sending limits for their messageboard.. and I plan to transfer my PHPBB2 messageboard from my soon-to-be-gone-ISP to the host)
    - Making sure it is a dedicated server?

    Sorry about the late reply as I was busy getting ready to move.. which I have to prepare for the messageboard transferring as well as my website and emails.

    Again, I appreciate all information to help make this first "experience" an enjoyable and plesant one.

    - LL

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    Reseller plans are generally just shared plans, with a different control panel that allows you to have users of your own and setup their space alotments and such.

    If your looking for a dedicated server this is probbably not what you want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mize
    Reseller plans are generally just shared plans, with a different control panel that allows you to have users of your own and setup their space alotments and such.

    If your looking for a dedicated server this is probbably not what you want.
    Hmm.. I was probably thinking a little too hard. I'm sure dedicated servers are much more costly anyways and would take a wider amount of experience and knowledge to maintain it too.

    Anyways, I'm sure most normal "ISP" websites (freewebhosting for their ISP customers) and free websites like Yahoo!/Geocities websites are on shared-servers but with heavy restrictions (like severe limited bandwidth and such).

    As long I don't have the "restriction" problem from shared resources and able to perform what I would like as mentioned above (have my website, no-downtime, bittorrent to host my non-public-known gameplay video files) then I'm ok with it. Plus having the option to "re-sell" to two other people who wants to hire me to make their business website.

    Obviously, from my previous post... I am new to this and thanks to Mize for correcting my misunderstood thought (that reseller plan was dedicated, which it isn't).

    Any other opinions or suggestions? I might get a head start and start emailing some of these providers and see what their responses are.

    Thanks again!

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    I am just curious how many downloads you are getting off the torrent (if there is a way to measure it)? If its not running into the 100's of gigs transfered, Is there a reason you wouldnt just host the files on the shared site without torrent ?

    edit: also dont take this as a bash on torrent. I actually like the torrent system, its just hard to find a reputable shared host that allows torrents..

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    Well let's see. My tracker so far holds 10 torrents (all by me of course).
    It ranges from 300MB to 1.5gig (each torrent varies depending on what it contains). Around 800 downloads total.

    I know that putting the files on hosting would not be a good idea since it can go probably 1-2gig per day (just by myself seeding, I can't be sure about the other people that would be kind enough to help seed my videos too if they finish downloading).

    I originally had these files up at FileFront, a free file hosting site.. but they did not want any cutscenes (or gameplays) from the games since some game companies does not want it while others don't care (in my case the ones I have host, the company doesn't mind)... but still neither FileFront nor I would want to take a chance. This is why I decided to host it on bittorrent.

    Honestly, I don't think it (having the tracker on the server) would be a big "problem" since all I need is somewhere I can keep the tracker with a static IP. The tracker isn't downloading or uploading massive files (aside from a 100k hash torrent file to help start the seeding/leeching for my videos). All the download/uploading would be taken place by the computer and not the server.
    Of course this is where I probably am thinking of something wrong (since I'm not an expert in this).

    I've seen huge public trackers (especially those illegal ones) that requires a lot of bandwidth.. but I am not surprised since millions of people go there and eats up the cpu resources as well as keeping track of millions of hash torrents.

    For mine, all videos is by me and from me only... hence the popularity of it is pretty much dim compared to those "huge public trackers". Only those interested in those "video games" would want to access the tracker to download my game videos.

    I guess that is all I can fully explain about this scenerio. Hope that helps better understand what I would like.

    As of right now, the tracker is still running on my own computer (since I got my own static IP from my ISP) and it doesn't bother anything I do from burning DVD to gaming to doing my work. Of course this is a whole different story when I start seeding (DSL connection) which would eat up my bandwidth making gaming online impossible (I usually just do offline stuff, browse news or just sleep by then).

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    I recommend you intermasters, low prices and quicky support

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    As an update...

    Anyways I emailed a few places and Webcinch was the one who emailed the quickest back (less than a hour .. surprisingly). So, I'll talk about them since that is the most I've communicated with up to today.

    Webcinch Pre-Sale Ordering Impressions...

    Webcinch pre-sale support was amazing. I asked them so many questions about setting up plus more (over 20 questions for sure) and they answered it all in great details (whether it is allowed or not with the reason).

    Heck, even Eric (the person I talked to) actually checked and tested some bittorrent client to see if it is allowed or not (something I did not expect at all).

    I was pretty much persuaded to sign up due to that quick, detailed and great service until the problems experienced the last week.

    First, my email which I used hotmail .. my last reply prior to signing up was pretty much "not replied" at all. Eric found out my email was stuck in the spam section for some reason (I'm not surprised since lots of spammer comes from public emails.. not like I have many email choices in that matter).

    Therefore he gave me his own email (not the sale/support email which I previously communicated him with) so I can ask him more questions and such.

    Again, it was all great and quick speed.. until it happened again.. no replies for a few days. I used my Gmail (last resort email I have) and he suggested me to email via the "Support Ticket".

    Anyways, it is almost two days since I submitted the ticket (I saw a "License Expired" just last night when I couldn't access the ticket) and hopefully I'll get an answer soon.

    Due to the problem with the communication (whether it's because of Hotmail not sending the email or Webcinch thinking my email is spam)... there was a special "re-seller" that was over by then.. but Eric said he can get me that special still. I hope it is possible still though.

    Basically I loved the fact the communication as well as "can do and can-not" with great explainations...

    but the lack of response for a few days right when I was going to sign up (asking for that special url order) and such from my final email is pretty discouraging.

    I honestly don't know if they are having problems on their side or not (after all, internet and email is pretty sensitive stuff).. or the fact Eric could be pretty busy... so I'll give them a benefit of a doubt and hope it will be resolved this week.

    It's just wacked to see some weird pattern that happened again the second time (having great communication then suddenly cut off.. and repeat).

    - LL

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