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    Intermediate Server Maintenance

    Ded. Plesk server running on linux.

    I don't do a whole lot of fancy stuff with it (host of a bunch of sites like forums, dynamic avatar sites, etc).

    I do have projects in store though, so essentially, you better be able to handle routine issues that pop up with the sites, as well as these projects that I want worked on:

    1. Allow the box to act as an Email Server for a monthly newsletter that I send out to 100,000+. This is a opti in list - NOT SPAM.
    2. Nagios has been installed, but I need this configured properly.
    3. Either with Nagios or something else, I need wireless alerts for all of the sites on this box for when they are down.
    4. My business is expanding, so I will most likely rent out another box that runs CPanel in the very near future - so your knowledge of cpanel would get you that work as well.
    5. Automated Daily Backups of the 30 sites on the box.
    6. Occasionally, there will be sql or database issues with a new site - you should be able to resolve problems like those ASAP.
    7. Security - Do let me know what you are capable of, and how you can protect my assets in this regard.

    I will need estimates and retainer fee projections.

    Please EMAIL me all of the info at

    [email protected]

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    Still in Search?

    Please check your email as stated in the posting

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