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    Is there anyway to provide shared SSL without abusing issue?


    To provide Shared SSL on cpanel linux, need to install SSL on WHM and let client to use/access like https://hostname/~ID. However, it can alwasy lead to abusing of bandwidth because with accessing http://hostname/~ID, they can use server's bandwdith, not client's.

    Is there anyway to prevent it? so only enable https://hostname/~ID? instead of using firewall to block port or like that.and enable http://hostname/cpanel and /whm

    anyone know?


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    Not sure what you mean, iHubNet

    Can you explain a bit more where do you see a problem?
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    If I understand your question properly,.. What you could do is buy a wildcard ssl cert for * and map something like or to their website so all the users shared the same ssl cert but their bandwidth was from their own virtual host.
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    How would you go about setting up a wildcard ssl? For example - does Godaddy offer such an ssl? I know its probably a stupid question but I have never reallly looked into these until now. Thanks!

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    Yes, any SSL provider should provide wildcard SSL. GoDaddy sells them. They are more expensive though.

    If you're using the userdir (~username format), the way to make sure they don't steal bandwidth is monitor bandwidth usage through web stats, and find large amounts of usage. When you find an excessive amount, you can ask the person to stop or charge them for it.

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    If using the userdir ( https://hostname/~ID ) to share the the SSL certificate and are concerned about bandwidth usage, there are a couple of bandwidth plugins for apache webserver that can limit/shape bandwidth usage at the directory level.

    Goto the apache modules page and search for "bandwidth" to see whats available.

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    Also you don't need to waste money on a wildcard SSL for this situation unless you where planning on deploying this across multiple servers. Since this is a shared SSL the user will have to call upon https://hostname/~user/. The cert only needs to be for the hostname since the cert does not look past the TLD.

    and enable http://hostname/cpanel and /whm
    Are you asking if https://hostname/cpanel can be setup. By default http://hostname/cpanel and /whm should already be setup. In order for the hostname SSL to work with cpanel you will want to setup the cert from under the SSL/TLS>>Change Server Certificates in WHM.

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    I hope you are trying to find out a solution which will keep:


    using the users bandwidth based on usage and keep the bandwidth of the server intact. I am sorry If I got this wrong,

    but unfortunately the mapping techniques that I performed using the apache configuration showed up error, since the certificate that you have purchased is for the server and it always requires the TLD for encrypting the data.

    So I guess you will have to go with the same. As for the methods used by cpanel, it is actually a script redirect.cgi which does the trick, and if you want to go that way then it should be a easy mission.

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