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    Should i colo or rent a dedicated server? *Help*


    I am currently deciding if i should colo or rent a dedicated server due to my requirements.

    I am hoping to launch my own venture shortly and the servers i am wishing
    to use are the Apple G5 rack servers but i have failed to see any web host offering a dedicated server for rent of this make, Can you suggest
    any providers who may be willing to offer me this whether if it is colo or rental?

    I am interested in UK and USA data centers.

    thanks for your help


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    If you have tech personal near the server or send the datacenter a health supply of parts for your server, then I would colo. This is due hardware failure (and you don't want to be waiting a couple of days due to shipping). Or you can also try and make your infrastructure redudant.

    Otherwise I would rent.

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    Why dont you just buy the equipment and colo it?
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    If you don't have experience with managing a server, or if you don't have someone who can be available to work on your server 24/7 then renting is probably your best bet. It usually makes more sense to go with colo once you have a few servers, if you only have 1 for the most part its cheaper to rent.

    Good Luck!
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    There are a couple of places which does offer xserve dedicated servers

    Colocation make sense if you either cannot find a good pricing at a good datacenter which offers your hardware. Otherwise, the dedicated server option is not a bad idea since by doing so, you will not need to worry about replacement cost as the datacenter would handle that for you at their cost. With Colocation, you are responsible for the replacement of components. - Offering Batch Image Processing and TIFF/PDF Software Solutions

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    It actually depends on you. As eddy2099 with colocation you need to think about your parts. But if you do have a datacenter or ur tech is near the datacenter then you can go with colo. Hope this helps!

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    Thanks Eddy2099, Links were really helpful.
    I was originally going to buy the Xserve myself and put it in a Colo. But know I realise that I am better-off renting it to begin with then if my site is successful then buy one.
    Thank you for your enlightenment. Pioneer

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    wouldny it be better if i was to buy the server for $1000 myself isted of paying $425 a month ona 6 month contract???

    thanks pioneer

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    It depends. Can you get an Xserver for $1000? I havent seen any. Also, when you go Colo, you are responsible for the hardware when it breaks, so it would be up to you to provide spare parts for the machine. If you rent, that is usually covered by the provider.

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    i see ok so its better to rent then.

    i can get one for $1000 good spec.

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