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    Host The Best - You Make Your Mind Up

    OK I dont normally do this - Its simply just not good enough.
    If, as many thosands do, I receive a bad service from a webhost, I usually just say Ho Hum and move on to another.

    However when it comes to receiving abusive emails from the owner of Host The Best after cancelling my services with them, its a bit much.

    Basically cutting a long story short - I set up with them several weeks ago, a reseller account. Only to find that they first of all promised services, which they were quite happy to take payment for, only to not deliver. 2 Days to set up a basic account.

    I eventually got ahold of the guy who pulls the strings, a guy called Andy. Explained the situation to him including the fact that his company advertise a telephone number, which when called says "sorry this line has been temporarily suspended" OK So do I feel a little paranoid that maybe they cant even be responsible to pay a telephone bill?? No Problem I let it slide.

    On no less than 3 times in the first week my account was "internally" modified. Files altered, files deleted, files added. I submitted tickets. To be told I have after 36 hours that I have to submit my issues in writting!

    I told Andy on the telephone that the service I was receiving was totally unacceptable. He replied with Yes, its a shame, not normal for them, I was "just unlucky". However he offered me, as way of an applogy and to secure a second chance 2 months of hosting, and a FREE Email List Program HTB developed.

    I agreed with no misunderstanding that unless the service improved drastically within that two months, I would not offer another oportunity to mess things up. This to this point had cost me TWO clients who went elswhere because of the lack of service offered. Well The service level started at the top as it does with most reselling accouts, so I perfectly understood why MY clients decided to pull out.

    So. Did it get resolved...not likely. I find that the email servers are blocked by AOL and MSN for mail abuse. Turns out that they do not control what happens with thier clients and by Andys own admission this is the THIRD time this has happened. I call AOL to try and get a resolution. They tell me that until HTB sort out the issue internally and gain control. They would be blocked. I contact AOL - Whos response is, yes we know theres a block with AOL and will sort itself out in about THREE MONTHS. So in the meantime, not only ALL emails I send, but also resold accounts emails CANNOT go to AOL MSN, or Hotmail address. Lets face it is that an acceptable standard knowing that and trying to sell accounts honestly. My morals wont allow me too...

    On no less than 4 ocassions MySQL's databases went, how can I put this, truely messed up. No idea how no idea why. They were not an end user error. Turns out. The were altered by HTB staff, in error mistaking them for somebody elses.

    I think this cannot get worse. But. wait..........

    I cannot get the licence they supply for ClientExec to be installed. Why - After speaking with the publisher - Its not a valid licence.

    So after submitting 3 tickets and 4 days later, ANDY finally installs and validates the licence. Remember This its important...ANDY FROM HTB INSTALLS!!

    The database crashes TWICE!!

    OK. I must be a character on a reality TV show - This is rediculous. I ask for my account to be cancelled. To be told Cannot, the person in billing who does it is not available for a few days.

    End result and summary - I have an account that is about to be cahrged for, that I cannot use, cannot resell and cannot be cancelled. Scary - Yep, but gets worse...

    Finally Andy Gets around to cancelling - With this as his parting words, and bearing in mind one major obstical with HTB staff is there basic lack of the English Language so I quote...

    MY Request:

    Andys Replies:

    So is this an acceptable reply or somebody who has an axe to grind?
    I made several points to Andy Direct using his HTB IM (Which incedently only works if you disable the firewalls)

    The IM's were made and I will Copy/Paste then here so as to illistrate that I am in no way attempting to manipulte them.

    Hostrevolutions: Is it your normal policy to be abusive because people decide your services are not worth paying for when a far superior service can be brought for a better price....
    Hostrevolutions: maybe your comments should be posted in WHT and see what other people think who may have been considering your company....your ok as long as anybody doesnt point out the obvious that your service is a ameture setup...
    Hostrevolutions: maybe if i didnt get replys like yes we know theres a problem its likely to take THREE MONTHS TO RECTIFY i wouldnt have had to look elsewhere ey
    Hostrevolutions: as for USING your company..not at had 2 months to get everything i left...simple
    Hostrevolutions: as for ME not knowing how to install CE...strange I have two installs I have done...let me think who installed the one on your server...ohhh...thats right...YOU!!!!!!
    Hostrevolutions: So you allow your clients to use mail servers for abuse...clearly...otherwise you wouldnt have been blocked THREE times...
    Hostrevolutions: Issues with your software....ermmm....let me think...was it ONLY HTIM...I think not...remember the constant tickets in the forums for Email Program....guess what NEVER RESOLVED....I simply gave up asking in the end...
    Hostrevolutions: I use a different RELIABLE program know one thats not BLOCKED by AOL and MCAFFES and NORTONS....
    Hostrevolutions: Maybe I could have emailed you....however you could also, as anybody who is intersted in resolving issues, could have said...tell ya what we will move you to a different server....only problem is I have no doubt that would..
    Hostrevolutions: have been BLACKLISTED by AOL also....after admit its happened THREE times...
    Hostrevolutions: So in short lost about 6 weeks of webhosting fees...small price to pay for costing me the money your company has...move on...stop sulking and whining...its f***ng business....grow up got an issue??
    Hostrevolutions: then call me instead of leaving sh***y emails like a spoilt schoolbiy

    You may be intersted to see the list of tickets first submitted - This does not include the 10 or 15 I submitted in the Forums. Alas I cannot access these as he has blocked me access to the forum, however you can view them yourself, simply look for the total lack of support they offer and openly admit to it within there OWN FORUMS

    So as I said...make your own mind up - personally I would avoid these guys like the plague.

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    Please allow me to introduce myself to you. My name is Jose Martinez and I am the CEO of Host The Best. First, Host The Best apologizes for the recent miscommunications and misunderstandings between our valued clients and Andy.

    In order to clear-up the misunderstanding and miscommunications, please read the following:

    Telephone: When you call we were in the middle of moving to another VoIP Provider DC. As a result we were down for at least an hour.

    Submitted tickets: First, these were sent to the wrong Department. But we responded with the “Welcome” email we sent, which informed you to please go to our forums to read important announcements. We also sent you a link to the forums where contact information for all of HTB departments is posted.

    Blocked by AOL and MSN: We have already taken care of this with AOL. AOL informed me that I need to wait 3 to 5 months to release. Again this is posted on my forums, which states everything there about the AOL problem. MSN has been working and we have never had an issue with it.

    ClientExec: We sent you an email, which stated that you must login to our forums in order to access the license key as well as valuable information about CE. I remember when Mr. Andy worked on your installation you were very pleased and satisfied that it was completed. Plus you told Andy that he can work on the server plug-in and he did and informed you that all installations are functioning properly. You thank him personally but stated that but stated that you will not need all the functionality of CE. Now, after two day you claimed something happened on your end and we informed you that we can not install it again for free because our site said we install once. The second installation is not free. HostTheBest does not support CE. The information regarding CE support is in the “Read Me” document portion of the software.

    Cancelled: You emailed us and requested to cancel your hosting service. We did what you requested.

    English Language: We don’t have a problem with English. Andy is bilingual and speaks and writes more Spanish the English.

    HTB IM: My HTBIM (Instant Messenger) is a free software. You may choose to install it or not. But once you have signed up, we send a welcome email statement that has a FAQ and informs you how to report a bug via forums. That is how HTB supports all of their products (all HTB software).

    Forums Blocked: You must login to the forums with your user name and password that were included in the “Welcome” email. You can not create any new user name and password. I noticed that you had created an new user name and password and that is why you could not gain access.

    Please take a minute to visit our Customer Testimonials on our site and on forums. There you will see reports posted by very satisfied customers about our company as well as HostTheBest products.

    Mr. Paul, we are very sorry for any inconvenience caused as a result of you subscribing to any of our services and products. We here at HostTheBest do our best to fulfill all of our customers needs.

    Once again, HostTheBest apologizes for any inconvenience you have experienced and we guarantee this will not happened again. If you have any questions, you can email me personally at jose (at)


    Jose Martinez
    WHMCS Services - sales (at)
    WHMCS Development | WHMCS Addons / Modules

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    Mr stevens I can understand that you may be upset and quite perturbed at your supposed "Lack" of support but does that give you the right to blatantly attack somebody because they are not as fluent in the english language as yourself? I find that for one very unproffessional and I would think twice regarding even looking at hosting with you with that sort of attitude.

    Even though I would not need to ask for hosting from you as I am a current customer of HTB and have been for the past 2 years WITHOUT INCIDENT mind you, no more than what i would find anywhere else. I believe there was only ever one major outage and that was due to means outside the control of both HTB and the datacenter. I am currently on a dedicated server with HTB and they have always come through with what I have asked and more.

    I think Mr Stevens you need to be a slight more honest regarding what REALLY happened because I find your remarks and accusations quite absurd to be honest/ Especially the email problem I have never had a problem emailing anybody using a msn or hotmail address and as for AOL never have needed to bother emailing anybody there. You knew beforehand that AOL was blacklisted you could of easily informed any potential clients that AOL emails were not allowed to be used, as I know of many hosting providers that will not accept any free email addresses as a point of contact. So stop blaming HTB for things that are really out of there control.

    You claim all these security issues that HTB have but never ever gave us any examples of these security flaws are you simply spouting to hear your own voice??.

    Anyhow I wish you all the luck in the future but really its not hard to be honest hey?

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    * host the best reseller program is the best i know

    I have made thousands with host the best reseller program, i love it i can register a domain in one minute and have it running in host the best server in less then 5min. No other hosting reseller program offer me this type of solutiion, i email there staff and before the end of the day i have a reply. Thank Host The Best for you continue support and great work.

    Thanks to your support team i'm earning hundreds a month and thousand a year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Thank You
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    Strange - the only two responses are from NEW members.
    As for branding me a racist - not in the slightest, I was merely pointing out that the laguage barrier caused more problems on top of an already stressed situation.

    Let me see Was there a mention in the welcome email - or in fact on the home page of the website, let me see no wasnt even in the TOS about AOL.

    Is this the sort of thing you should go to the Hosts forums to seek advice on. I would like to condsider that as Andy openly admitted this is the THIRD time this has happened, that it would have been under control, or at least disclosed to potential clients.

    So for the 2 NEW WHT members who clearly have such a grand opinion, good luck, but you can see for yourself, that my claims of the appauling service is backed up by screenshots of the amount of tickets submitted.

    Oh incidently - ALL TICKETS were submitted to Reseller Support - the fact that these guys didnt know how to deal with them, so did what anybody who doesnt know what to do. Pass it to a different dept.

    Maybe its my mistake. But I assumed that Reseller Support Was for support issues for resellers.

    Now, after two day you claimed something happened on your end and we informed you that we can not install it again for free because our site said we install once. The second installation is not free. HostTheBest does not support CE. The information regarding CE support is in the “Read Me” document portion of the software.

    Lets see wheres the evidence to this total ludicrious

    As for the products - I did report the bugs. The solution - Told to reinstall...check the HTB forum, you can see for yourself...No Fix MENTIONED!!

    All I can say is good luck if anybody does well with them..But I would advise caution!!

    End of Story - the eveidence is there for all to see -
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hostrevolutions
    Let me see Was there a mention in the welcome email - or in fact on the home page of the website, let me see no wasnt even in the TOS about AOL.
    No but our forums tell you everything and let forgot it already

    Quote Originally Posted by Hostrevolutions
    As for the products - I did report the bugs. The solution - Told to reinstall...check the HTB forum, you can see for yourself...No Fix MENTIONED!!
    Well my programmer tell you that on the next version it will fix any bug it got

    Once again, HostTheBest apologizes for any inconvenience you have experienced
    WHMCS Services - sales (at)
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