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    Outsourced Support… How far will they go?

    I am interested in outsourcing my support to a company such as Bob Cares and I am wondering just how far these companies go as far as answering support tickets beyond the basics.

    I am vary interested in using siteZen sitemagix dot com as a major selling point and would like to know if it would be supported. I don’t expect them to provide support on how to use the features of the product, but I would like to know that if it breaks that they will fix it.

    Comments from anyone with experience with this are appreciated.

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    The level of support that you get from such companies really depend on the package or the level of techs you go with them.

    Most outsourced companies offer lvl1, lvl2, or lvl3 support/techs. Pay less and go for lower support and raise the level of support as you go with their higher packages..
    Such companies usually have lvl3 techs who have the capabilities of solving all those issues that could be solved remotely. Technologies in use does not matter (siteZen sitemagix dot com), as those lvl3 techs usually have been tested or atleast can troubleshoot such different technologies based on their level of experience and troubleshooting through years..

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    well outsourcing can be a great idea if you find the perfect company.

    back a year ago i outsourced my support and i purchased a few level3 tech support. let me tell you these guys were not that great, they could not solve half the problems my users shot at them. so in the end i canceled the service and decided to hire people for my company.

    i guess you just have to find the right company

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    I used to be a big fan of outsourcing. It was ok in the beginning, but quality lacks and with the companies I had experience with, they did have problems keeping to their guarantees. I've heard good things about TouchSupport for outsourcing. Based on my experience, I would not recommend an Indian company for outsourcing.

    That said, I am no longer a fan of outsourcing support as managing quality and having things done "your way" is a major problem. Regardless of the price you have to pay. I've switched things to in-house support now and I couldn't be happier. As a result of hiring my own staff, I an able to maintain a high quality of service and actually see results. I spend more time in improving the service rather than trying to get the outsourcing company to actually do their job..

    It's ok if you are starting out, but as soon as you get the opportunity to hire your own staff, take it...

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    Thanks for the replys guys. One reason I am looking into this is that later this year I will be going away for a few weeks amd will need to have someone to cover support (I already have someone to cover billing). As I plan on pushing the site builder as a major selling point I expect most of the support will be related to that. I guess I will to organise some level 3 support for that period.

    Any solo guys care to share their experiences with outsourced support when going on holidays?

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    I have worked for some of the main outsourcing companies in India and from my experience, I understand the fact that the clients will receive the support quality depends on the "support package" they are chosing.

    For example, if you go for "pay per ticket" basis support, you can't expect the same quality as what you get from the dedicated server plan. One of the main reasons is that the the techs sitting for "pay per ticket" plan will be handling a lot of helpdesks at the same time and there are a lot of chances for them to make mistakes because of the confusion caused by different helpdesks and their different policies.

    If you select a Level 3 package, you will get techs sitting dedicated for your company and you can monitor their performance and if you are unsatisfied with that tech, you can ask the management to replace the technician. I'm sure that a good outsourcing company will take sudden actions depending on your feedback.

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    Before going into outsourcing, a reasonable amount of research should be done so you'd be sure about the company you're choosing. The depth and level of service is as mentioned before Dependant on what type of plan you choose, If your plan includes level 3 work, then you're most probably well covered for any technical problem.
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    The problem for smaller / startup hosting companies is, that they can't afford to pay $300 pm for a support tech, especially if he only needs to support 5 - 10 requests a week, and the sad part is, no one is willing to offer you a decent package. If you purchase one of the per ticket / other cheaper packages, you get poor support techs, and this is nog not good for the image of you company. I really wish there was someone whowouldn't see this is a million dollar market, but rather offer you a decent package at affordable prices.

    I mean, @ $400 pm I could hire my own two support techs, but I don't have anything to keep them busy inbeteen tickets, and I'm most certainly not going to pay someone to sit and surf the web or watch movies all day long
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