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    Unhappy AfterPropogation Dns Problems !! Really Strange !!

    Hi all ,
    Well i am having a real strange issue with my Website !!

    i had an account with the hostgator but due to increase in traffic i moved my site to Futurehost elite vps
    So i updated the dns name server entries and ip's in my domain control pannel...
    luckily my domain propogated nearly witin 12 hours !!
    however i still kept my site offline for another 24 hours to make sure propogation is complete..
    Now after 54 Hours a realy strange problem is still there....
    The problem is that half of my website members when submitt the site's url are being taken back to old server and half of the members can access the new server page.....
    Acooring to my domain new server the ip should be
    but it is still showing the old ip to some of my members.....
    I also submitted a ticket but no luck .. they did change some settings in whm but the problem still exists !!

    Can anyone please guide me to how to resolve this issue
    My domain is


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    Everything is fine and propagated
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    yes but why it is happening that half of the members are being taken to the old server and half are taken to the new server ??

    thats is the main problem !!

    is it a dns zone thing or something else.....

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    How can you tell that half are taken to the old server? Are all your members from a certain location in the world? If yes then probably they are using a caching DNS server and it resolves incorrectly.
    Server Surgeon George
    Linux, BSD and Windows Administration Services
    Toll Free US 877-378-7436 International +1-213-291-9191

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    well i live In India and many of my members told me this problem but strange thing is that i am not facing this problem !!

    I also talked to my several U.S And Canadian Members and they also face the same problem thats why i used the term Half as 90% of my site traffic is from U.S and Canada !!
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    I would change the dns server IP in resolv.conf or move it down the list and put the servers IP at the top of the list and restart named for good measure. If the server IP is already first, move IT down the list. If its a cpanel server - which being formerly at that host I'd guess it is, go into WHM and clickl "Nameserver Setup" again and go through it like it was ther first time. That will clear any cache the server might be using.

    Also try logging into the server at the command line and type dig domain.tld and see where the server itself is getting it info.

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    My host has repplied that its not there issue !!
    Its the isp issue of those people who are facing this problem !!

    Their isp is not caching Dns ??
    But i have sent them all email with how to flushds empting cache . and still they are having this problem
    according to you guys what kind of a problem it could be ?

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