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    Organising Email


    I currently have a gmail account which all my email addresses go to.
    Now soon i will be expanding our company and will want an easy to use email system.

    What im thinking is to use Outlook for my main desktop, then when im out an about i can read emails on PDA or any spare computer.

    My problem is, how will i be able to manage the 'read emails on PDA or spare computer'. I know i can sync the PDA however how would i check for new ones without affecting my main desktop?
    Also if i use a spare computer i wont be able to access my emails, so would need some sort of web access.
    I would prefer to use a desktop app on my main comp as i can then sync with PDA.

    To sum up:

    I need a way to check my emails when im out and about without affecting my main desktop application.

    Does anyone have any ideas or suggest a way I can do it?
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    There are a number of ways. If you used IMAP instead of POP to get your mail through outlook it will remain on your server and still accessible through webmail. If your PDA supports IMAP you can use that, or through webmail.

    The other option is Microsoft Exchange, which allows you to connect your Outlook client using RPC over HTTP, keeping mail on the server. Outlook web access allows you to connect from anywhere with a web browser and finally you can connect your PDA if it supports it using Active sync, or using Outlook Mobile access.

    With the availability now of hosted exchange, you can get a few Exchange email accounts with all those features for relatively little expense.

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