Do you own an online arcade site? This is the best way to increase the number of visitors. Instead of relying on putting a 468x60 banner on some random site and hoping that you'll get the right kind of visitors, I'm offering a new way to advertise.

I'm selling spots at the top of my arcade site, that look like icons for any other game on there. However, when a user clicks that icon, instead of going to the page on my site where the game is, it goes to your site. This means you get a user who was looking to play the game that the icon showed (the icon YOU provide), and it goes to your site.

My site can be viewed at . It receives approximately 500-700 visits and 5-10k page views PER DAY. Approximately at least 4k games are played daily.

What I'm selling to YOU is a prime section at the top of the site (Looks similar to the " Exclusive" section), that will feature YOUR icon. It will be a larger icon then the games on my site and will be the first games a visitor sees. The link below is what it will look like.

Price: $20/week or $75/month via Paypal or credit/debit

Five icons will be active at a time. That means the first 5 people will have their icon up for the entire duration that they pay for, and anyone after the first 5 can be placed in a queue to insure that their spot won't be taken.

-A 78x78 non-animated icon of a game (recommended to be the current most popular game on your site)
-The URL where you want it to point to (recommended it points to the page where the game can be found, but it can point to your homepage instead)

That's it! Once the payment and details are received, I will add your icon to my site... assuming that it does not have to wait in queue.

If you have any questions or would like to buy a spot, please PM me or e-mail me at nick|at| for further details.