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    Advanced Server Monitoring - FREE SMS ALERTS!

    Point North Networks, Inc.

    Monitor Web, Email, DNS, SQL, and More...
    Perfect for web hosters and dedicated server operators. This is advanced, intuitive monitoring based on Paessler technology.

    30 Day Free Trial!

    Our Server Monitoring features include:
    * FREE SMS Notifications
    * Multiple Monitoring Locations
    * Ping Sensors
    * HTTP Sensors (advanced, content, transactional)
    * DNS Sensors
    * SQL Server Sensors (MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle)
    * SMTP/POP3 Sensors
    * FTP Sensors
    * Custom Sensors

    Other Features Include:
    * Email/cell phone notifications
    * Daily performance reports
    * Detailed online reports and graphs
    * Full price plans start at $4.95/month!

    30 Day Free Trial!
    Brian Emerson

    KickAss Virtual Private Servers

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    Oct 2005

    Just wondering about Free SMS notification.
    I saw your site and was looking at the $ 4.95 /month
    It does not have any free SMS.
    Perhaps you can explain about this?

    Since I am looking for a server monitoring at the moment.

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    Hi Dan,

    The $4.95 basic monitoring does not include free SMS, but the $9.95 standard package has double the sensors/servers and free SMS alerts.

    Keep in mind that all plans have unlimited free email alerts, and most cell phones are email capable, so sending alerts to a cell phone should be possible without SMS.
    Brian Emerson

    KickAss Virtual Private Servers

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