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    I've finally got the time to start developing these domains into something of substance. I've no interest in selling them, but I would like to know their value in the real world and I can't think of a better place to ask. The domains in question are:

    Thank you all in advance,


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    All interesting names, developed could be worth a bit...except the Dell name. Chances are good you'd get their attention if you started a site on it...

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    Thank you, I've been collecting them for a couple few years. If you hadn't notice there's a running theme with those domains, each was purchased with ideological thoughts of social change. Thus my inability to sell them, especially now that I've found time to build them. The general plan is: was the best I could find at the time, but was a database where students could enter ISBN#s and buy/trade with each other for a fraction of the bookstore costs. The site was a class project I did years ago, it lasted as long as the class. I still haven't done anything with this yet. The intention was to create web apps like Google is doing now, but instead of a full blown office suite an industry specific set of apps that reduced the workload and was free. Thats the hang up, I haven't found a way to keep it free but pay for the hardware and bandwidth that would be required. as a site is undeveloped, but has been running for about 6 years now. Basically it's a community driven free wifi mesh network. this is the one I did buy with a business in mind. It started when my parents bought a plasma screen hidden in a coffee table. I'm sure you see where I was going with it now. was a forum not for bashing, but for Dell owners to help other owners. It was setup at one time and was just starting to garner stream when I had a rough class and let it fall apart. was to be a kind of employment pool, but the opposite. People would post there needs and then members could bid on the job. Pretty sure its not to original now. goes back to the book idea. Meal plans at college cost those kids/parents a fortune, so why not create a "club" where everyone cooks one family size main course every week then meet and exchange single portions.

    Anyway, I doubt many of you are that interested in the whys. So on that note, I'm off to dinner.

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