Hi there we have the following domains for sale

Please make us offers

I have had hostuknet valued and it was valued for arround 400.00 with sedo however i am open to offers

hostuknet.co.uk exp 9/30/2007 (enom)

Also we have the following via godaddy
012Olympics.co.uk 9/14/2007
Dazbay.com 2/8/2007
Extreme-host.co.uk 4/28/2007
freelivetvonpc.com 1/6/2007
freetv365.com 1/11/2007
gotvlive.com 25/1/2007
ietvuk.com 13/4/2007
interwholesale.info 17/4/2007
livedigitalpc.com 6/1/2007
quadstandard.com 17/4/2007
tvliveonweb.com 6/1/2007
x-inkjet.com 17/11/2007

Please make offers on these however we are looking for a fairly nice price for the olympic domain being a uk extention and being hosted in england uk in 2012

Best Wishes,