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    Still some webmaster sites for sale ($100-$600)

    I have been making websites for years now. Some of them I have closed or sold off at the way, but the ones I haven't I am selling now. Please note these are not your typical turnkey websites so take a deeper look in how indepth these are all developed. - $600
    This is one of my more recent websites. I programmed a custom backend system to this website which allowed the admin to upload literally thousands of font zip files or simply ttf files and have the script automaticly read the zip files, extract any font files in them, create the necessary preview images and character maps, rename the font and place it on the server and rename the zip or create a zip and place the font file in it (if it wasn't in one before) and place it on the server. When I launched the site, I sometimes uploaded over a thousand zip files in a bundle and then just watched the site create all of the files and place them on the website. Saved me tons of time and made it so much easier. The website has a bit under 10,000 fonts on it currently, which is a lot more than most freeware font sites provide. Like with, I have emailed the authors, unless the font files explicitly mentioned that they were freeware and were allowed to be distributed. There have been quite a few font submissions by users since the launch of the website, but due to lack of time and effort, I haven't added a single one of them yet. Thus, all of the fonts on the website were added by my on the launch of the website. The profits are generated by Adsense and Fastclick. The admin panel is quite complicated however and contains a few bugs, so I will not be providing support for this. If you wish to use it I suggest you have same basic PHP knowledge so you can understand what it exactly does and you can modify it if necessary. The website has a custom web design.

    Website statistics -$300 is yet another one of my old websites. It is a directory of webmaster related tutorials and currently has nearly 10,000 tutorials which have been viewed over 128,000 times! All of the tutorials have been added by myself when I launched the site a few years ago. I have not done any updating on it since. The website uses Adsense for profits. The site has a custom design and a custom backend by me.

    Website statistics

    FTPto - $100
    This is a web based ftp program that allows users that do not have an ftp program to access a hosting account using ftp information. The domain is a very good one aswell. The website has a custom web design.

    Around 100-200 uniques a month - $100
    I'd classify this as an unfinished site, although it is fully functional and running. The only missing factor is the promotion for it as it has non existant traffic.
    The website has a custom design and runs on a custom backend by me.

    Around 50-100 uniques a month

    Further information
    Although I hope to sell all of these, I am open for offers on
    partnership from trustable people that would actually make it
    worthwile for me. If you would be interested in developing some or
    all of these sites with me then please provide relevant information
    about you and provide me sufficient information showing how it would
    actually benefit me splitting up the profits in half with you instead
    of keeping it all or selling the sites.

    All payments are to be made by PayPal. All domains are registered at
    either or You may contact me via MSN or
    E-Mail at [email protected]

    Please note that I cannot provide any ad revenue information as it
    is against the policies of those programs and as I have all the
    websites registered under the same account (even some that I am not
    selling here) it will show the total revenue.

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    None of the links appear to be working for me. I'm a little interested in the, but would obviously need to see it before I made a bid.

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    Server appears to have crashed, should be up shortly.

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