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    onlinenic down!!

    Hi - does anyone have any information about when onlinenic may be returned to full service? Is the earthquake responsible? The site tries to come up, but just hangs for me. I see they have a phone number in California, 415-665-6387 - but no one to talk to, just leave a message.

    ANY INFORMATION greatly appreciated!


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    Hi Eric - thanks for the info - sory but I have never used a proxy server like this before - I changed the settings in IE but not sure what to do next - I get error pages when I tried to surf after - thanks for all help!


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    looks down too me oh well

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    Quote Originally Posted by greensky
    As far as I know, they offer a proxy to visit their website now. You can change the LAN setting of your IE and fill the address line with and 8080 as the port. It works well.


    amateurs work, as expected from them... at least they should make the DNS not limited to only their websites

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    Anyhow, it works and the visiting speed is acceptable. They also plan to set up another server in US which sounds good.

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    Anyone know if it possible to incorporate the proxy server into their template system (php)??

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    Never mind, this page explains it:
    It is good of them to have set this up..

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    Their proxy give us such speed we've never had with Onlinenic! Great!

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    well, I had used the proxy setting before and it didnt work but now works great! thanks to all who posted!


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