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    Map failed software raid disk in windows?

    Hi there....

    I took two harddrives out of a windows 2003 server and imported them as foreign disks in my pc

    the problem is... when i imported them as foreign disks, windows xp decided to mark every partition on both disks as failed... even though it hasn't failed.

    Problem is now, i cant map to a drive... i need to do this so i can do an NT backup from the data off the drive, then restore that data to a new drive.

    Here is what disk management looks like:

    However when i look at it in Active Partition Recovery.... without running any recovery tools... it sees the data on all the drives fine:

    Is there anyway to get windows to stop being a complete pain about this and just map the drive.


    // Edit... the assign drive letter options are not available under computer management
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