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Thread: Buyin clients

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    Buyin clients

    i'm looking to buy clients which are on cpanel. Where is the best spot to advertise that i wish to buy clients?

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    Hello. I think here on WHT you can find somebody selling webhosting company.

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    Firstly, I recommend you look out for scammers to. Make sure they provide lots of evidence of these clients and sign various contracts aswell, but WHT would be the best place to search for people selling 'clients'.

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    wht is the place to sell/buy clients, i remember a friend of mine who is a bigger host than me was interested in selling his 2200+ hosted clients here but he never disclosed his name here when admin asked cause he started loving hosting biz again and was scared to get into troubles if his hosted people saw the name.

    i was never able to know whats his worth in $$$$ was.


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