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    Lightbulb Web apps for hosting

    There seems to be a lot of applications for hosting companies. Control panels, billing, tech support tickets, reference desks, FAQ generator, branding software, etc.

    What do you think is important and can be improved for hosting companies? IE, some trouble tickets are web based while others are email based. What if someone is unable to send mail, so then how would you send a trouble ticket without calling? Well if a web interace is available, you'll do it that way. I don't think there is a good software to handle both methods in a nice efficient way.

    Can you think of anything you'd like to see or a better improved?
    Free co-branded portal solutions
    Free PHP Based Submission Script and Windows based message board notifier

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    i am planning to setup and i am only considering the Cpanels, ticket system and maybe ubersmith or similar client database. I will later code my ticket system, faq, billing etc in PHP and combine it all. appart from ubersmith of course!

    this should not be too hard once started...just there is so much to do and we are aiming to setup by 20th july!

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