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    Server move question!

    I have two Cpanel dedicated servers and wants to move all of contents from server A to server B.

    What I will do is

    - copy the accounts using WHM from Server A to Server B

    - Creat same name server at Server B but different IP address

    - Mofify IP address assoicated with the name server at domain registrar.

    I do believe this action will move the contents from Server A to Server B.

    Now question is:

    For any reason, one of the domain site needs back to Server B for any reason,
    can this be achieved if we just simply edit DNS Zone file of Server B for this domain
    to point IP address of Server A?

    My concern is that Server A does not have any valid name server (since the registrar modify
    IP address). In such situation, Server A is still functioning just for the particular domain
    if DNS Zone file is edited at Server B?

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    La la la... Darn minimum length.

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    I would manually use the pkgacct script via ssh on the source server for each account, copy the archive and restore it on the destination server. WHM's mass transfer utility rarely works as planned.

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    You could use a dns cluster but I have noticed this can result in named service to become curropt more oftern.


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    I just finished moving 15,000 websites. The easiest way I found was to reduce the TTL value on the old server, wait a few days. Stop drinking coffee, get plenty of sleep. (coffee detox). But stock up for later. On the day of the move, begin coffee - it's gonna be a long three days with only short naps. Optimize & repair all mysql tables on the old server, set the software environments to be as near to identical as possible including exact build munbers on the server software's - use WHM multi-site transfer import script. Import a site, change the A record in the dns zone on the old server to point to the new IP. When all sites are transferred, change the IP on the nameserver. It isn't perfect, because traffic from recent visitors will still go to the old server for a little while.

    One variation on that would be (after the sites are transferred get the /var/named/*.db files from the old server doing something like this:

    cp -fr /var/named/ /var/named2/

    cd /var/named2

    Once in that directory - replace the shared IP's with the new shared IP's. This will allow you to keep the custome MX records and spf records as well as subdomains the people might have pointing somewhere else.

    replace OLD.IPA.DDR.ESS NEW.IPA.DDR.ESS -- *.db

    Run same command for the secondary nameserver IP.

    rsync -av -e ssh /var/named2/ NEW.IPA.DDR.ESS:/var/named2

    That will move the files. Go to the new server, check the files, if everything is OK rename the current named/ to something else,

    mv named named.old

    rename named2 to named w/

    mv named2 named

    service named restart

    Manually change old dedicated IP's with new dedicated IP's.

    You could fine tune that. We had to adjust the moving method for each of over 20 servers. And the other poster is right, cPanel will surprise you every time. So every step of the way, be prepared to ditch the operation. We had one server transfer where the mysql user on the system disappeared for some unknown reason and didn't find out until way late in the process that - while mysql databases were appearing to get restored, nothing was in them. Also test in advance to be sure the new server's network isn't capping the inbound data rate, the sites need to move quickly or this method won't work well.
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    One last disclaimer - there's a lot more to it that just that, zone file serial numbers need updated, personalized nameserver people need to change their IP's. Offsite backups need to be made because someone using external dns is bound to come asking where their site is when the old server is shut off. The whols process of moving servers AND renumbering IP's is not pretty. Make sure the environment they are moving into is rock solid because customers will have absolutely no tolerance for anything for a long time after its all said and done.

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