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    Where do I go to find a resonably priced design firm?

    I have looked every where for a web development company that is good at what they do, yet they do it at a good price. I have talked to many firms that want to charge from $5000-$10,000. I am looking for a firm that can do the job for somewhere closer to $1000. Please let me know if you have had any good or bad experiences with a specific web development firm. Thanks

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    I have nothing but great things to say about them, having used them on multiple occasions for different projects.

    EIRCA Ltd, home of The Genius Network.

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    From previous experience and from experience in the past 5 years of running a business I can tell you that we've seen plenty of problems and concerns from our clients. Clients who've spent $1k or less. Problems such; design firm went under, extra charges for simple changes, updates, broken links, stolen images, broken images, unlinked images, etc....

    The list simply goes on. Sure there are companies that do the right work but they still have a class. A class of less quality that is and you simply can't earn and survive without making the right $$$$. After all, you sell a website to a client, and your client makes a million bucks of it. A thousand for a million, don't seem right.

    I agree, we don't charge $10k for our designs even though the amount of time, passion and follows up we do should cost just about 10k, but we don't charge our clients that much. Sure when it comes to identity it could end up around that mark but thats marketing, identity, a whole image. Website sure has its part in marketing, image, but not as much, website needs to sell a client. Not just attract one and see ya later.

    5k, well it depends on what has been done, has the right research been done, will your website bring you more business, is it accessible, is it beautiful, catchy, hows the content written, web standard or not, is it easy to understand, navigate it, imaging rights **That's a big one** ? etc.. all of that will set its own price.

    It all simply depends, on many aspects. Like I said above, you dont want to spend $1k for a website and find out that your website just sucks. If you think that putting up a website will bring you *kaboom* millions of visitors, umm... nope... even if you get a million visitors a day, does your website convert them to buyers or do they simply come in and leave ? gotta look at all of that.

    I'd say, if you want a really good and reasonable offer from any company out there, do your research fist, background check, ask for live example of their previous clients websites. Ask couple dumb questions, than ask about the process. If they tell you that the process takes couple hours, at that point I would run and never look at that company again. How can they learn everything about what you do and sell, and who your true customers are within couple hours. Sure you can tell them, but that's not all because in that case your website is simply a generic website, not unique.

    I hope I didn't lose you and you get my drift. Anyways I probably went off track many times, only because there is a certain number of clients who come around asking same question, why do you charge so much (3k - 6k CAD that is) and its simple, quality of work. I'd say that is reasonable pricing.

    You won't buy a $1000 car from a junky and hope it last you 10 years and no investment attached on repairs ? you go and buy a $20,000 car from a dealership with a warranty. Do your research and trust me, you pay for what you get.

    Hope that helps, just my two pickles in a jar
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    Well said catbones.. I agree with every word you said

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    $1000 for the entire project? That's definitely a low budget range. You'd probably need to consider overseas serviecs, albeit at an opportunity cost of quality. You should probabily reevaluate your budget ... or reevaluate your project altogether.

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    Hmm try for a freelancer, they can do your job @ your rates.

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    why not try with freelancers of companies from Eastern Europe, i think the will offer you with very good prices and quality.

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    Beofre going for a freelancer try to get all inforation from them and put a TOs agreement with them.It is for making sure that they will never run

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    Thanks for the advice. I think I am going to use rentacoder to find a designer. Thanks

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    Try EPlanetdesign - They are within your price range and do excellent work, with service after the sale. For under $1000.00 here is what I got: Fully custom coded from the ground up, php, java, html, graphics, etc.

    Click here for my site

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