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    * [BRIUS WEB HOSTING] Season of Giving - Free iPod and MORE!!!

    Even though it's a been a few weeks since Christmas, we here at Brius would still like to reward our loyal and future customers by giving out some great prizes.

    All you have to do is refer a customer to Brius or sign up for a hosting package to be eligible for the prize. Simple enough huh?

    Every sign up from today till February 14th is eligible for the contest.

    Here is how the raffle will work.

    Shared Hosting
    Standard - 1 raffle ticket
    Premier - 2 raffle tickets
    Enterprise - 3 raffle tickets

    Reseller Hosting
    Standard - 4 raffle ticket
    Premier - 5 raffle tickets
    Enterprise - 6 raffle tickets

    At the end of the contest date (Feb 14) I will assign each person a number, the more raffle tickets you get, the more numbers you get which increases your chance of winning. I will then randomly select three numbers, one for each prize.

    1st Place - 1GB iPod Shuffle
    2nd Place - $25 iTunes Gift Card
    3rd Place - $15 iTunes Gift Card

    Good luck

    Please go to for the details
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    I've just added a 75% off coupon that can be used for this promo.

    The coupon code is 75OFF and can be used for any monthly or quarterly package. This discount only applies to your first payment.

    Just a side note, we no longer accept proxy sites. Sorry.
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