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Thread: My experience

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    My experience

    Hey, it has been a while since I been using St. Croix Computer Company for webhosting. The prices have been very reasonable.

    I was sketchy about joining them at first, but after talking to James (the owner) he seemed a good fella, and was fun to talk to. So I moved my sites over from Elixant who is closing. It was a fast move, as eNom changed my name servers fast.

    So my first two paid hosts, I love. I never ran into ANY problems with St. Croix Computer Company and ran in a few with Elixant. I am under eighteen so a lot of payment options are dropped for me, but both companies accepted me to just send a money order or cash. I liked that, it really helped me out.

    St. Croix Computer Company has proven to be farther among any other hosting company I been with. Even though PHP5 is not on their servers yet, but I love their service, the server speed load has reached rank 52 out of over 2,000 on (I am a reseller so I tested my speed).

    I check my server status constantly via WHM and I have NEVER seen it once over 0.15% when there were over 100 connections a minute, so that was good. That was just my site, I am not sure of the others on the server.

    Overall, I think St. Croix Computer Company has earned my respect and will be the one I will recommend when people want or need good reasonable hosting.

    I'm serious about the owner, he has a good voice and is fun to talk to.

    Just for fun, this is my current server loads from WHM:

    cpsrvd up
    named (9.2.4) up
    Server Load 0.00 (4 cpus)
    Memory Used 46.2 %
    Swap Used 13.66 %
    Disk sda3 (/) 5 %
    Disk sda1 (/boot) 17 %
    I recommend a host... St. Croix Computer Company

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    Hey Jayke, thanks for the review! Can you mention the domain you have hosting with them? thanks.
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    In the main post or here? but yeah sure, I have three: < My reseller account < reseller sub < I really messed up my HTACCESS files just to learn I'll fix them soon < seprate their Platinum account.

    Also I host two of my friend's sites:

    I bought all the domains though. The first three from eNom prosaxplayer and from SMokyHosts and from Yahoo.

    Yahoo was HELLA fast, took 15 minutes o.O
    I recommend a host... St. Croix Computer Company

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    Nope, I am a client. I have a reseller with them

    I didn't know they were hiring o.O
    I recommend a host... St. Croix Computer Company

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