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    Talking Help Me Please with a Flash Problem!

    (sorry if this sounds confusing )
    ok so my problem isn't that big. On my website i have a flsh header. the buttons in the flash header are coded to go to the specific pages on my site. for instance but the only problem is it only works on the index page. the index header works for all the links but the other headers with the same links won't go to the specified pages. I was wondering if i needed a seperate flahs file for each of the pages for this to work.

    currently i have two headers. one for the index, and one for the rest of the pages.

    How can i fix my problem?



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    It's always better to use relative paths (which is what you describe) but sometimes it's not possible.

    however, remember, in html any time you put the forward slash at the front of the link, it will ALWAYS go to the root of the site. eg:

    if you make your flash for the 'home' page like this /index.php it will go to the index page no matter where it's called from because the '/' tells it to go to the root of the site. You can actually make the whole URL in the link to the homepage like this:


    That will always point to the default site document. Then on your other links just do this:


    You're probably doing it like this right now:


    which is why the links don't work in other pages.
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    When the flash is coded ,are you using absolute path or relative path.It is not the problem with FLA or SWf.It is with the link information added for each.Make sure that the paths are entered correct.

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    Thanks for the pointers im going to try it out now.

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