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    Quality managing support for layeredtech/similar price dedicated

    I'm looking for a bussines able to install soft security updates, install aditional software, determine server issues and solve them, help me to optimice my site and upgrade the system when will be needed.

    I'm looking for true profesionals but cheap. Somebody that install and mantain an always running well server. Not like now that everyday crash and everyday is overloaded and i'm everyday worry about it.

    Now i'm on but they dont manage servers without control panel (plesk **** my site with his dogwatch) and its better to me buy directly to layeredtech

    i want a server for one site:

    - 4gb ram
    - dual cpu
    - without controlpanel
    - http, https, no ftp, ssh, secure smtp/pop,
    - cron jobs
    - perl
    - php
    - mysql
    - apache/lighttpd
    - ffmpeg/mencoder + all codecs
    - imagemagick
    - phpmyadmin
    - website stats and logs without crash the server to do them

    and other posible things

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    Never tried them, but take a look at, they seem fine at managing servers

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    Check with the guys at

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    Do you want apache or lighttpd or both? That will make a big difference when trying to find a person to manage your servers.
    Steven Ciaburri | Proactive Linux Server Management -
    Managed Servers (AS62710), Server Management, and Security Auditing.

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    apache but i would like to try lighttpd if posible

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