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    !! Dedicated Server Special Search !!

    Good Morning. After an Hour of reading an searching every single Post here for an Dedicated Server i didnt find what i need.Well if been writing from Germany and searching a Dedicated Server outside of Germany/NL/Austria with the following Conditions.

    Harddisk :120 GB or more
    Traffic: 2-4 TB (I know you cant get unmetered Line without paying enough money)
    2 Gb Ram
    OS: Debian.

    My Budget is 150 or 160 Dollar

    Very Very Important for me is that the Provider doesnt slow you down from 100 Mbit to 10 Mbit if you get to much traffic. Thats the importans thing for me.

    Its ok if the Speed is between 15 and 50 MBs but not under 15 Mbps.

    its important for me to have constantly very good speed.

    well i hope there is anywhere on our planet a provider where i could find such a server.

    Venture 55

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    Do you have a preferred CPU type? Do you need this server managed or unmanaged? With your budget you may be able to find unmetered bandwidth somewhere.

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    My Budget is 150 € or 160 Dollar
    Just so you know, 150 euros is more like 200 dollars...

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    Thank you for your answers. Well there is no preferred CPU i need. And the server could be unmanaged.

    Yeah its my fault with the budget. I meant 150 Or 200 Dollar maybe?

    or ?

    Well i dont know those two Hoster. Are they good? what is you exprerience with them ??


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