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    Exclamation PHP Coder Needed For Project - asap

    Hi everyone! I'm looking to hire a coder asap to help create sort of a social network for me. I've posted this before, and I started working with coders twice but neither was reliable enoug to follow through. Now I've increased the budget a bit and I need someone with excellent communication skills, and I strongly prefer someone who lives in the US and speaks excellent english.

    Here are a few details about the project. It is going to be a social network, similar to myspace but with slightly different features. The template for the site is already done and I would need the coder to be able to work the code into what has been made already. What we need coded:

    Social Network
    Members should be able to register, add friends, leave comments on other pages and instant message each other. There should also be a search function.

    Users of the site should be able to sign up and have their own profile with a short url. They will be able to fill out a questionairre that will be displayed on the profile. The key difference to the site will be the blog posts. Each blog post will include a thumbnailed picture, text, user comments and an optional poll.

    Another defining feature of the site will be a wishlist that every member can create. Each member should be able to choose a variety of products on the site to add to their wishlist, where they can also add comments to each item they choose. And lastly, the should be able to choose a label for each choice, which will be an image that appears with each product.

    Tagging & Categories
    Members should be able to add tags to their profiles and blog posts, as well as categorize them.

    Admin Panel
    Through the admin panel i should be able to manage, edit and delete members, as well as anything they add to the site. I also need to be able to add new products for the wishlist by hand and categorize them.

    Forum Integration
    I'd like the script to be compatible with XMB forum.

    Other things...
    - I would like the site to be unencrypted, because we will definetly want to add on in the future
    - It needs to be done in php
    - I need to have full rights to the script
    - I can pay via paypal only
    - I want to be able to see some progress before payment is sent
    - I need to be able to communicate with you several times a week. Email replies should be quick and I also need to be able to speak with you via MSN.

    Budget: $300-$400 (please don't contact me if you're asking for something above this, I don't have the time)

    If you're interested please send over some information about your experience, as well as references and past clients. Contact info:

    email: [email protected]
    msn: [email protected]

    If you're interested I will send you detailed information.

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    I can do, please send me PM with any other details.

    Thank You

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    If you can accept that this project will be made using some open-source solutions for social networking - then we can take the job and the budget is OK.

    If you expect all this created from blank page (from zero) - I believe, it won't fit in $400 budget...

    If you're interested in taking some free (OpenSource) solution and have it tweaked for your needs - contact us at support [at] help4hosters [dot] com
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    This position has been filled, thanks everyone!

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