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    Hello Everyone,

    I am in a very strange/unexpected position here.
    Although everything started fine:
    I am trying to contact support of powervps and I get no answer for the last 20 days.

    Is there something wrong with their ticket support system?

    I cant get in their forums either. It always gives me an error that I don't type correctly the letters of the verification image!?

    Any clue?


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    I`m with powerVPS and have ALWAYS found their support very very fast, usually 20 mins at most.

    I used support about 2 weeks ago without problems, usual speed.

    Are you using this link

    If you let me know whats wrong and your main IP address and email addy, I`ll submit the ticket for you.

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    you can try by e-mail or phone if there is avalable. do not wait too long check another option to contact them

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    I came in contact with their sales.

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    20 days?! That means we never received your original ticket, did you get a ticket ID when you sent us your original request?

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