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    PC Problem- MBR error

    Hi all,

    I've got a bit of trouble with a laptop conisistantly not booting and getting an MBR error. Basically after the machine POSTS the screen goes blank and just says "MBR Error, please F11 to fix"......pressing F11 doesn't make a difference.

    Ive booted off the xp cd and ran repair and tried to repair the mbr using box fixmbr, I've tried chkdsk, reformatting the hd, all to no avail. Basically when I run fixmbr it says that it cannot due to some problem with the disk, i consistantly get this error with everything I try.

    Please please help me as I'm at my wits end!

    Many Thanks, James

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    If you've attempted to reload the OS or repair the MBR then it's most likely a failing HDD, it probably has a few bad sectors where the MBR blocks are.

    Download the seagate / WD bootable HD diagnosis tool to verify.
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    There are also a few great tools to check the SMART registers on the Hard Drive. I personally like Diskcheckup:
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    You can try to make a boot disk off Or a CD as the case may be. Then use fdisk /fixmbr from the command prompt. I have had much better luck with the older DOS version of FDisk than the one that comes with XP.
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    You can also try a utility called TestDisk. It's included with a Linux LiveCD called "Recovery Is Possible", and it has saved me a ton of trouble on many occasions. When I've managed to do something to my drive, it has been able to undo whatever I did in a matter of minutes, even a complete corruption of the partition table.

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