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    Which is better: cPanel (Apache1) or Plesk (Apache2)?

    I want to know which combination is better for webhosting services: cPanel (Apache1) or Plesk (Apache2). Most customers run PHP-MySQL applications. Has Apache2 really important performance and proxying improvements?

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    I prefer cPanel and Apache 1.x

    According to PSM Apache 2.x has a lot of bugs, and I DESPISE Plesk anyway.

    cPanel may have lots of small bugs - but I don't see very many, my customers love it - I love it. It's the way to go!
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    Some people may despise Plesk, personally I despise cPanel.

    The difference? cPanel has very little ability to customize the applications to your needs because everything is integrated build software that they provide then build the applications.

    As for the Apache2 to Apache1 thoughts, they both have bugs but Plesk has been running it for over 3 years in there software and has had less security issues than cPanel.......

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