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    Question Windows Host with multiple full domains?


    I'm looking for a good shared Windows hosting provider that allows for multiple full domains.

    Specifically I will have the need for at least 5 subdomains in addition to main domain that will have different content and need to be served from their own independent virtual directories (as opposed to just forwarding to sub directory off the root).

    In addition I will also need 2 MS SQL 2005 dbs.. (they can be express or full).

    It's been my experience that most shared windows hosting does not offer this possibility. Would love to find one that does... I can't be the only one that needs multiple fully hosted domains on a windows box. I know I could easily accomplish this with a VPS but I'm really hoping to find a shared hosting solution.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Any hsphere provider can offer this.

    I am fairly certain plesk and helm also handle directory structures like this as well, however, you would need to research this more thoroughly.

    (as opposed to just forwarding to sub directory off the root).
    This is pretty much a cpanel function in linux environments. I would hazard that most control panels do not handle dns zones in this manner, and rather would assign a true, full dns zone to each domain, subdomain, etc.. (though, even in cpanel, many like dotable offer a modified reseller account using WHM where each domain gets its own account, thereby creating a similar effect)

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    Add Helm to that list of control panels that accomplishes the task needed. Look for windows reseller hosting or windows multi-domain hosting is another term I see tossed around from time to time for this. More and more windows hosts are jumping on the "multiple domains in one account" bandwagon. Watch out for the guys that promise subdomains or multiple domains and just map the domain back to a subfolder via some sort of rewrite or redirect...

    Also the downside (or upside depending on your ability to administer a server) with VPS hosting is that generally you're the server admin and it's up to you admin the server and keep it secure.

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    Plesk will do this also and in regards to VPS you just have to read what the company has to offer and find the one that will offer what you need, including administration.

    There are administrated Windows VPS offerings out there.

    Jodohost might be an option as they have multidomain plans they seem to have a good reputation here on WHT.

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    hmmmm. Does it have to be 2005 mssql or would 2000sql do it?
    Hsphere hosts can do that your requierment but not sure if you will find a lot of providers offering sql2005
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    Helm can do this also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OnlineRack
    hmmmm. Does it have to be 2005 mssql or would 2000sql do it?
    MS SQL 2005 offers performance benefits. Also, make sure to stay away from MS SQL 2005 express, no real host should be running it, as it is made for nothing more but a development evironment.

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