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    Renewing a domain name after 10 years?


    What happens if someone has a domain name for 10 years?
    I hear on some websites that maximum registration time of a domain is 10 years and than you have to give it up.

    Is this true or we can keep a domain longer than 10 years?


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    you can only renew 10 years at a time, but of course they wont take your domain away after 10 years, you'll just be asked to renew.

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    The 10 years is just the max registration period that you can register at one time, however, if you want to renew afterward you can do so indefinitely.
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    Yes, the maximum registration/ renewal for domain is for 10 years. If you want to continue with the same domain name. you can renew it year after year.
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    um why are people repeating what i said, twice?


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