I am looking to interview gameserver providers for a review section on FragForge.
If you are a provider and would like to be interviewed ; please contact me via PM.

You can see the current interviews @ http://www.fragforge.com/index.php?showforum=30

What is FragForge?
The mission of this site is to provide a haven for providers and their customers to share resources, ask questions, gain knowledge, and communicate. We plan to create a professional place for hosts to conduct business as well as gamers to review, share and discuss their service with others.

Benefits for providers? TONS!
Soon, our database will be full of host reviews, scam reports, provider outages and other relevant information. Potential customer's will be deciphering this information and selecting a reliable, honest host like yourself to rent from. No more "kiddy hosts" taking your customers by offering un-realistic prices. Why? The gamers these cons scam will already have posted on FragForge warning all other gamers to stay away and posting positive reviews about your service. The Provider Only section of the site allows you to browse and post where only other providers can read.

If you have any other questions or comments please feel free to reply or PM