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    [For Sale]

    For Sale: (Enom, expires: 26 Dec 07)
    Whats Included: Domain name, website, tag creating script

    WiiTag is the first Wii tagging website (well, I never found any others in my searching!) to allow people to create images for Wii users worldwide. The individuals can create their own tag to display their name and number and then link to it from forums, blogs or webpages. has been linked from Digg, Reddit, Brokencontroller and the many Wii forums that are springing up across the web day by day.

    Some stats:
    December 06: 690 uniques visits from December 28th when the site went live (4 days!!)
    January 07: 382 uniques upto 17:30GMT today (10 January)

    375 tags are actively in use (I have just gone through deleting all the test ones that have been created)

    I have promoted the site on many Wii related forums and included banner / link exchanges with a few (in the header of all pages) so hopefully that will help to get the page rank etc moving upwards in the coming weeks (currently stood at PR0, as most of the link in / out pages are also new!)

    The site has Google Adsense on, but I wouldn't count that as money in (a mighty 55cents so far )

    The nitty gritty:
    Sale type: Auction
    Starting Price: $900
    BIN: $2000
    Increments: $20
    End Date: Wednesday 17 January 2007 @ 1800GMT
    Payment: PayPal, Nochex (UK), Bank Transfer (UK buyer only)
    Added Extras: Continued hosting of the site on a DirectAdmin server for 1 month
    *NOTE* This auction will end if a BIN bid is placed

    The whys and wherefores:
    Why is the site priced so high?
    Look at the stats, over 1000 unique visits in 2 weeks.
    The site has a lot of potential as the Nintendo Wii gains in popularity (or actually get back in stock for us poor UK dwellers!!) - with the correct SEO attention (a skill I sadly lack!) I have no doubt that the site will make money for the buyer.

    The script (and whole site) is modular and is very easy to edit, nothing is encrypted so you get access to it all!

    The name is out there and is gaining in popularity - capitalise on it before all the copycat sites start popping up!

    If Nintendo get their finger out and get online gaming sorted like the Xbox live service, the WiiTag will be able to be expanded to feature stats, latest game played etc - according to rumours on various gaming sites, this may appear sometime in the future.

    Right, sales pitch over - any questions please aim them to: sale (at)
    I will be placing this sale in a couple of other places and will update the post as and when (or if) I do that!

    Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your time!


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    Also listed at HHO:

    #1 in google for terms 'wii tag' incase that makes a difference, infact quite a few of the front page results go back to to!

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    Had a few offers lower than the minimum bid that I stated so please feel free to bid what you would be willing to pay, this will go at the end of the auction

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    Uniques for the first 2 weeks of January now stand at 610.
    3 days left for bidding either via the email or PM.

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