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    Help! Looking for dedicated Apache2.2/MySQL5/PHP5 host

    I am looking for a dedicated hosting provider that offers an Apache2.2/MySQL5/PHP5 standard image setup on some flavor of Unix.

    I know I can upgrade to these myself, but I would prefer a clean, stable setup with these pre-installed so we can minimize the time to tweak the server.

    Everywhere I go, they seem to have FAQs to upgrade but offer no support for the latest versions of Apache and MySQL. Am I missing something?

    Control panel support seems to be an issue, but we don't care about cPanel, etc., we use Webmin (which is free) and are happy with it and it appears to support thiis config without a problem.

    Flexible on the hardware specs, budget of around $100/month.

    Thanks for any advice!

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    Do you need managed or unmanaged server? Actually most provider will be able to setup for you ..

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    Unmanaged is fine, but I do want some basic support. Hence my desire to use an 'accepted' build package rather than rebuilding it custom for me.

    We have used both LT and Planet in the past and both provided fine service and we managed ourselves, but neither of these seem to offer a Apache2/Mysql5 accepted install image.

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    I'd get a server with KVM access, ask them to install CentOS, or simply insert the cd into an empty box for you and hook up the KVM device.

    Install the OS, use yum to get centosplus repository and use it to install MySQL5. That can be had for about $60/mo at colostore.

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    Am I missing something? I realize I can install the upgrades for these myself, but is asking for a standard image with the latest versions impossible to find?

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    Well you are talking about a managed provider now.

    Managed providers will setup what you want on there. An unmanaged provider will provide you with the server completely blank.

    It doesnt take long to setup what you want on a server though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spadesmaster
    Am I missing something? I realize I can install the upgrades for these myself, but is asking for a standard image with the latest versions impossible to find?
    Nope, it's called Fedora Core; either FC5 or FC6 offers the package revisions you are seeking. Just be aware that sometimes "latest" is an enemy of stability.
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    Fedore Core 6 + any kind of server will help you

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    So, Fedora Core 6 includes Apache 2 and MySQL5 by default? So I just need to look for a hosting provider with FC6 servers and I should get what I need?

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    This site lists the packages included on CD in each OS release of most linux distributions. Fedora 5/6 both meet your needs although 6 obviously has never versions and neither have the newest available and will need a yum update to get them.

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    I ended up ordering a server from A+ hosting that appears to offer Fedora Core 6 builds (although I had to request it) on a nice setup for $90/month:

    Athlon X2 4200 AM2 / 1GB / 160GB / PL30

    I will let everyone know if it truely comes setup with the stuff as promised for the next person looking for a newer setup.

    Thanks for all your help!

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    Why on earth would you want the standard packages? You can do this with "yum install apache && mysql && php" by setting the repository as the latest stable release. Or you can do it via RPM's from said applications website.

    However you often see way better results by compiling from source, you can chuck modules in easily then.

    Don't know exactly what you're trying to achieve, but standard is no more stable than custom compiled.
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