We have a server at GNAX/Tranxact Global that we no longer need. It was a 10 mbps unmetered special on the Silver network. Here are the server spec's:

P4 3.2 Ghz (hyperthreadign)
(2) GB memory
(2) 120 GB SATA
3Ware hardware RAID
(1) 120 GB ATA

The two SATA drives are setup in RAID-1 and the other drive is used for backups.

The server currently goes for $139 / month and cPanel / WHM / Fantistico is another $29 /month. We spent nearly $800 in "one time upgrades" to get this box setup (memory, extra drives, RAID card).

We're looking for someone that wants to take over the box before I just cancel it. We would be able to turn over the box the end of next week. Its' paid up through Jan 23rd. You would be responsible for the next payment on the 23rd.

We want $350 to offset the costs of all the upgrades to the box. We'll pay to have the box refotmatted any way you want it. We require that the box is reformatted before we'll turn it over.

If your interested or have questions, feel free to post or PM.