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    SolidHost Europe: 100mbit UNMETERED VPS - FULLY MANAGED - Just 99 per month!

    SolidHost is offering a very spectacular special this week:

    Linux 100mbit VPS
    - 20GB RAID 10 diskspace
    - 512MB guaranteed RAM
    - 1024MB burstable RAM
    - 100mbit unmetered uplink, shared by 15 clients
    (no matter how much bandwidth you use, there are no additional fees)
    - 99.99% network uptime SLA
    - Full management included (
    - 24/7 Support
    - Averages Support response time is less than 15 minutes (at daytime, nighttime, during the weekend, during Christmas, always!)
    - 2 IP addresses
    - Full Root Access
    - Virtuozzo Power Panel

    Just 99 per month, no setup costs

    This offer is based on a month-to-month contract. If you pay yearly you will receive 2 months free (you only pay for 10 months in that case).

    Hardware specifications
    Dual (2x) Xeon 3.0GHZ
    ECC Registered RAM
    3ware 9550SX Hardware RAID controller, with BBU (battery backup unit)
    RAID 10 configuration
    Western Digital Raid Edition II drives (SCSI reliability)
    Dual (redundant) gigabit NICs to 2 redundant switches
    Direct power feed from dedicated UPS

    Locatie: Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Europe)
    Network: AS25232
    Uptime SLA: 99.99%

    SolidHost only offers FULLY MANAGED services, which means you will be able to get assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is all included in the above listed price. Our support helpdesk will answers your questions within an average of just 15 minutes!

    Unmetered details
    100mbit unmetered means you will get a 100megabit (full duplex) connection to the internet, which you can use as much as you want, without paying for overages. You can easily use thousands of GigaBytes without paying extra. Every 100mbit connection is being shared by up to 15 clients maximum, guaranteed!

    If you have any further questions, please visitor our website at: We'd also love to answer your questions in this thread, or by email: [email protected]

    If you would like to place an order, please use:

    Note: This special offer is only available as long as we have free spots available for these accounts. Due to the amazing offering we expect these accounts will be out of stock very quickly, so place an order while these amazing accounts are still available!

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    As additional special offer we are now offering a free GeoTrust SSL certificate for the next 200 orders. This applies to the offer listed above, as well as all of our other products, and is available for new and existing customers.

    Each certificate has a retail value of $59 per year!

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    What adout windows + 100GB HD ?

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    A windows VPS with 100GB diskspace isn't really possible as that would cost much more than a dedicated server with 100GB diskspace. The diskspace we use for our VPS servers is extremely expensive.

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