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    Professional php coder needed - A simple but big job

    Hello guys,
    We are launching our site soon and ACP style control panel is being "designed" now. We have nearly finished the design side but the PHP side is still at 0% and we need someone who will work reliably, fast and professionally.

    See requirements and features below..

    * High skill with php, mySQL.
    * Integrating and using ajax for seamless, easy interface.
    * Clever and easily understanding what customer is wanting.
    * We will provide the design. No design knowledge needed.
    * we would like this to be completed quickly.
    * We would like this to be secure. Make sure no XSS injections or anything like that are possible.

    Features of Script
    - Customer Side
    * Customer login - no cookies required
    * 30 minutes of logout from program automatically if nothing done by customer. (simply a session thing)
    * No customer registration, Admin will reg the customer and will email manually his details.
    * After login, support ticket creation (no need for response time etc... dont asking for something like Cerberus or Kayako) Just enter the tickets and admin will see and reply
    * Some other features wont make you much tired. Easy things.
    - Admin Side
    * New customer addition to database (registration)
    * Add payment notification to customer. (he will must see this there. And maybe a "Pay by Paypal" link.
    * Services linking with customer. ( For x customer, adding dedicated server management service or VPS reboot service etc..)
    * 3 Different admin username and account needed with 3 different levels
    L1: Poweruser - can do anything on panel. (will add other levels of admins)
    L2: Will able to do the works above (JUST excluding, adding new admins)
    L3: will just reply tickets and nothing more.
    * Some other features smaller features, not too hard.

    Please send us your resume and three projects you've previously work on. We will check all responses and contact you, regardless of acceptance. You will not be ignored. Please send your details in this scheme.

    Name Surname: Your name and surname
    Telephone # : Mobile is better. (inc. country code)
    Contact ID: your ID for yahoo or msn or icq or what so ever...
    Previous job: Url to your previous works (at least 3 needed)
    Price range: Offer your best here, dont forget the one who is most professional and cheaper gets the job.
    Resume: Attach your resume, please.

    Please send us all details to
    Email : [email protected]
    MSN : [email protected]
    Do NOT pm here or do NOT post here.

    Thank you.

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    Thanks for the good offers. Management team will review all the offers and will decide on the best in 1 week time period.

    Accepted person will be notified by e-mail.
    Positions are now CLOSED.

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