We at the kiwi project are looking for people to join us in a one time venture. We have a 2 server system in place which we are using to host our own development sites and a handful of other business sites and are looking for people in need of reliable hosting on a 0% oversold server. We are simply looking to spread the cost of the colocation and help provide a small, well managed server. Full technical specs can be found on our project site.

The Kiwi Project

We are not a hosting company, however, we have a combined 5 years of experience in support and systems administration and even more in the general hosting industry. We offer a variety of support options to anyone on our server, all of which include free any-time requests for server software changes to help better accommodate your site. Our sites are on this server also so we have just as much as you do invested in making them the most stable platform that we can.

What if we can't accommodate your site? We will find you a webhost that can for free.

Our pricing structure was created with the intent to provide the lowest possible prices while still meeting our goals of fairly spreading the costs across the accounts on the server. This means, if you don't use php and mysql on your site, we will charge you less than an account that does. You only have to pay for what you will use.

Our current uptime reports from siteuptime.com are 100%. Any planned dowtimes will be scheduled with you, no matter how small your site, before the server is taken offline.

Does this sound like the kind of hosting environment you are interested in? Have questions or want more details? Visit us or email us directly at [email protected].

We believe that your host shouldn't hide anything from you. That is why we do not even give the option to buy our package directly on our site. We want to talk to you directly about your needs before you purchase anything. It does us no good to try to squeeze sites onto our server that simply will not perform in the environment. This will do nothing but degrade the quality of our own sites, which is clearly not in anyones best interest.