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    Getting rid of the Klez virus..

    Follow this link...

    it is an interactive demo by Nortons to remove the virus from your computer. The demo also includes the removal tool and steps you through the process.

    Hope this can help someone.
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    Post Addendum

    Make sure that the Klez virus isn't in quarantine before you remove it. I know it sounds really ridiculous to have the virus as a potential threat on your machine but the tool cannot detect quarantined, Klez-infected files. So unquarantine it if you have to, ignore any of the virus prompts, reboot in safe mode, and remove it.

    (This is something that isn't on the Symantec site but it's something I've picked up from experience.)
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    The interesting thing about the Klez virus, is that it can also send other viruses with it - or something similiar.

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