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    Question GoDaddy Virtual Dedicated Info?

    I'm trying to find anyone that is familiar with the GoDaddy Virtual Dedicated Server setup, particularly with Nameserver, DNS, and VirtualHost issues. I have set up my Nameserver with the name of the first Domain I'm trying to set up, as the (meager) Tech Support suggested, so I have the following nameservers:
    Both are tied to the same IP address, which they said was OK, even though I now know it's not standard. I can ping to either one of the name servers, by name or IP address, and in my browser either name server and the IP address all bring up the default apache/Fedora web page.

    I am trying to set up my first www domain, (the matching "" one). I apparently am having trouble getting things set up properly in my zone file, I have only the Simple Control Panel, and I don't know all of the proper configurations. I have Googled like crazy, and found lots of helpful info about VirtualHosts and Zone files, but GoDaddy apparently does things a little different than "default" or standard apache setups.

    I just feel I need a little guidance, but as you all probably know, GoDaddy is NOT in the business of supporting their VDS's, and had I known that I probably would not have purchased a year's worth of service in advance..... oh, well. I just hope someone has had experience and can guide me a little.


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    i can see resolves to which is first part done.
    now you just need to set up a dns server on your godaddy vps.
    are you using windows or linux???

    here's a typical host file you can try (for linux BIND but should work on windows too):
    $TTL 1D
    @ IN SOA @ root (
    @ NS
    @ A
    www A

    note: if you're doing it manually on linux you will also have to modify your /etc/named.conf file with the entry to your host file you created and restart the bind server after each change - or you can just install webmin and it will do it all for you.

    after you're done test it using
    scroll to bottom of page and under "Hostname Tests" "DNS Lookups" enter as an "A" record then click Lookup and see if it resolves to your ip address.
    don't just test this on your home computer because it takes around 24 hours for dns recording to be updated on the internet and your isp will cache your old one where is instant!

    let me know if that helps...

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    THANK YOU, Graham!! I was able to work out the kinks from the info you provided! Now, when I add new zones for other domains, are these the standard entries I need:

    @ NS <>.
    @ A
    www A


    If that's it, then I'll be on my merry way. Thanks again.

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    Your zone file would probably want to look as follows:

    (Assuming you have the top part with the serial, refresh, expiry etc set:

    %domain%. IN NS
    %domain%. IN NS
    %domain%. IN A
    www IN CNAME %domain%.

    note the "." at the end of some lines - this is important!

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    i'm not an expert on zone files, but yes those 3 lines are a pretty typical setup.

    also someone please correct me here but the "serial" parameter (the line i wrote "7") in my case i think you have to increase after each update to tell dns servers the zones file has been updated yes?

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    How we usually do it:

    @ IN SOA (
    2007011101 ; serial, todays date+todays revision number
    3600 ; refresh, seconds
    3600 ; retry, seconds
    1209600 ; expire, seconds
    7200 ) ; minimum, seconds
    Matthew - Burton Hosting
    low cost shared, reseller, VPS & dedicated solutions for over five years - we've got what you need. - server monitoring service for all!

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    I have one more slight problem, I've added my first "VirtualHost" domain, which is:

    (Had to type it that way, because I'm not allowed to enter URLs yet)

    Browser resolves that domain to my default Apache web page, not the one in my /home/<username>/public_html directory. I found the Virtual Host directives in this file: /etc/httpd/conf.d/turbopanel.conf, which were automatically created when I added the domain in my Simple Control Panel (the zone file was also automatically created, so I thought I was in business)

    I tried a restart of /etc/rc.d/init.d/httpd and got an error initially saying "[warn] NameVirtualServer <ip>:80 no VirtualHosts configured" - I went into the turbopanel.conf file and noticed that the NameVirtualServer entry appeared twice, one time before my first domain, and again before my second domain. I removed the second instance of this line, and that removed the [warn] error and httpd restarted OK. But still I can't get browser to correct web page.

    Is this just a "propogation" issue, or should I be able to hit my home page and I just have a pathway error somewhere. I thought I was beginning to understand this, but I guess not.

    I was able to install webmin, and I can get into that through my browser, but I couldn't seem to find anything there to answer this question.


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