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    vpsland - horrible experience

    I've been on the forum a total of 5 minutes and I've already seen a thread about vpsland's poor performance. May I add another?

    I'm running two things that matter: apache and mysql. Mysql drops unexpectedly. My databases are 200k in size, my site is 3 pages, and I have no traffic yet -- I'm still developing it. It goes beyond my understanding how their next to bottom VPS cannot handle this resource-wise.

    I feel foolish to have ordered this service without checking to see if their site has a phone number. There's none that I can find. How does one complain at this point, over email?

    I suppose this post was a two parter, a warning, and two, I'm seeking advice on what to do now. I haven't even become nasty with them and already my emails are ignored. How has anyone else dealt with them?

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    First of all, welcome to this forum. Second of all, sorry to hear about your experience.

    In such cases it might be wise to do a WHOIS on the provider's domain to see if a phone number is listed. If it is, give them a call on that number. Worst comes to worst, send them a cancellation email and request your money back. If that fails, give it another couple of days and do a chargeback from your bank so that you get your money back.

    It seems like you got your hands on an oversold VPS server, try looking around there are plenty of decent vps providers with good reviews.

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    I've already tried the WHOIS and that number has an answering machine. I immediately hung up in frustration, I feel like my message would just have been ignored as easily.

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    I had a cheap windows vps with them a few months ago. I needed a windows server to test out some applications. The customer service was appalling, oh wait now I remember! There wasn`t one.

    You would write to them, and it felt like a case of `lucky dip` whether you would get a response or not. Most emails went un-answered, a very few got answered after a couple of days. I get the impression they are a one man show, or the very most two guys running it.

    It took almost a week to get the vps setup, even then it was only because I mentioned filing a complaint with paypal did my welcome email amazingly appear!

    Funny because after all that, I tried the vps for a couple of days and it seemed fine and responsive. Pity the same couldn`t be said about their non existent departments. I cancelled it, and didn`t bother asking for a refund as that would have taken forever knowing them!

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    The point is there is neither any refund/customer/sales department with them.
    So I doubt your complains will be answered.

    Try to get your credit company to fight for it (if you used a credit card).
    If you used PayPal (w/o CC), you're out of luck, as PayPal does not honour refunds for delivered virtual goods.

    However, do remember to CANCEL the subscription first.
    Many forget, and the host won't be nice enough to refund after a "false charge".

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