When I built my latest system, it came bundled with Nero6 Express (with the burner(s) I believe). Rather than reinstall my existing copy of Roxio CD creator, I thought to try this. I just burned a music CD copy (I own it, it's for my own use to prevent damage to the original) and it was incredibly slow compared to Roxio. Using Roxio, a music CD burns in about 7 minutes at most....this one took me nearly 19. The drives are 2 identical Liteon 32x CD/DVD drives, and the system is an Intel 3.4 Ghz with 2 GB RDRAM.

Is Nero just that much slower, or is it because it's a bundled version and not the full app that's making it slow? Frankly, if it's intentional to get you to buy, it's backwards thinking. I'd be less inclined to think the paid version is better if the free one stinks this much.

Anyone know?