View Poll Results: How would you spend your $600?

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  • I want an iPhone, woo!

    3 25.00%
  • Gimme that Playstation3, ooo shiney.

    3 25.00%
  • I got server bills, :-

    1 8.33%
  • |I'll get one or both in a few months

    0 0%
  • Savings account anyone?

    5 41.67%
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    Question Playstation 3 or iPhone? Hehe...

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to get your thoughts on how you would spend your $$ on electronics this year. Want to go with the new iPhone from Apple or get your game on with the Playstation 3. This poll is completely for laughs and to see reactions that people have for the prices of new electronics and the people that buy them upon release.

    Kind of reminds me of a conversation I had with a good buddy of mine in High School when he said,

    Friend: "I was the first person on the block who had a PS2, I felt so cool"
    Me: "Yea, how much did that cost you?"
    Friend: "I pre-ordered for like $400 or so, why?"
    Me: "Darn and to think I waited a few months and paid $230 when I could have been on the first on the block to have a PS2!"
    Friend: " suck."

    So how would you spend your $600 dollars? ;-)
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    i will put it in my HSBC direct saving account and earn 5.05% interest.

    money in the bank. G'up, all the useless craps down.

    as i get older, all those craps doesn't mean much and i rather save up for travle and retirement 'cause there are so much to see and i don't want to rely on welfare when i retire.

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