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    Change YaST2 From German to English


    I just got a new server from Hetzner, but the YaST2 they installed is in German! I wanted to install some new packages, but I don't speak German

    Is there any way to change the language of YaST2 to English?

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    You don't need to change it to german.

    Abbrecken = Abort
    Verlassen = Leave
    Aktion = What Action?
    Suche = Search

    Its not hard to figure out.

    Its best to figure out what the package is that you want (by doing a search) and then leaving YAST2 GUI.

    then, in the command line, type:

    yast2 -i packagename


    yast2 -i apache2

    Will automatically boot YAST2 and installed apache2 for you.

    Try using google to translate if u get stuck, but once u get used to YAST2 in german its no big deal. After your stuff is installed you wont need yast2 again.

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    yeah dude just learn German that will fix your problem It's not that hard, come on.
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    But you really only need to learn like 5 words in german, hehe

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    Yast2 Convert to English

    Yes. It works.

    Type "yast2" in console.

    Go to: System --> sprachen waehlen --> Pull down menu --> Select English

    Then press "ALT+R" to initiate the change (You'll see in the bottom right hand corner of the window where you selected English from the pull down menu a word 'uberlaven' or something, the R is highlighted. Press ALT+R to use that command, which I think means next or confirm".

    yast2 will do its ninja thing. When its done, close yast2.

    Load yast2 again and it should be in english!

    Thanks Tailseh!

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