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    6,000+ daily vistors - 20k+ pageviews.

    Hello everyone,

    5 advertising spots is now up for sale, last month was all taken but now we are running another sale.

    Link will be sitewide on the left, under "sponsors".
    Can expect high traffic from these links. Here:

    Traffic stats:
    90 %> of the traffic is US based.
    As i said, only 5 spots.. Price is $40 per month

    PM me if you need more info. Expecting this traffic to grow even more as we have alot of advertising campains going on.

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    I would have been definetly interested if you had the links somwhere higher above the fold.

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    Your website is down. I'll pass

    as of 1/10/07 - 7:42PM EST

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    Looks like it is backup. Sorry

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    whats average ctr for a link? let me know and pendinf a response ill take one

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    PM sent to interested people..

    need2backup: we have no reported downtime but could be somekind of temporary problems. thanks for letting me know..


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    Uploaded old stats.. here is some fresh ones:

    Can now offer spots on the right under "Free myspace tracker" PM me for more info

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    2 spots taken on the right under "Free myspace tracker banner" 4 spots left there for this month.

    5 spots under "sponsors" is free to take.. PM ME for more info

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    Are spots still open in your MS Navigation Menu?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tommyd
    Are spots still open in your MS Navigation Menu?
    Yes, Pm sent with info.

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    forgot to mention its a pr4

    Could be some slight problems today as we are changing to a new faster host.
    Last edited by WMI; 01-12-2007 at 09:53 AM.

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    still got some spots.. now up and running on the new server.

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    PM me with details for links under MS navigation menu. Also, do you have a newsletter with an active userbase?
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    pm sent with info.

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    Still got some spots up
    PM ME for more info

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