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    Opteron 265-285 vs. 2000 Series

    Can someone tell me the comparibles from the dual-core 265-285 and the new Opteron 2000 series? Like what processors would be similiar or better. Basically I need a 270 but all I find are 2000's which I know nothing about.

    Also if someone could recommend a company for this...

    Dual Opteron 265-270 or better
    8GB ram
    Hard Drive not important as long as its not an old/old 80GB (73GB raptor is fine)
    20-30 mbps umettered or 100mbps shared (like FDC)
    CentOS + Cpanel
    Datacenter in USA/Canada
    $300-$350 /month


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    the 270 etc are dual core, the 2xxx are quad core. as for frequency the 2212 is 4x2GHz
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    So a 2212 should be the same or slightly better then a dual 270 setup correct?

    Any recommendations for server? Thanks.


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    Quote Originally Posted by jNive
    the 270 etc are dual core, the 2xxx are quad core. as for frequency the 2212 is 4x2GHz
    Thats not true, the 22xx is just the updated 2xx cpus. two 270's = 4 cores at 2ghz each, two 2212 cpus are also 4x 2ghz cores. Now the 22xx motherboards support quad core cpus when the do come out, they are also updated and support DDR2.

    Back on topic, yes, 2x 270 and 2x 2212 are pretty close to the same raw cpu speed.

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    I am debating on this as well for my next upgrade. ive heard the 2000 series are better and easier to upgrade according to guys at softlayer.
    Right now though I have a a pretty busy cpanel server with a few busy php/mysql sites and the load averages about .3 to .5 It is an opteron 185. I dont have much experience with dual core and dual processor servers but Ive been told if the load is under 1 your server is sitting there twiddling its thumbs so even the 185s are pretty good.

    Ill probably upgrade to the 2000 series in a few months. I havent found any benchmark comparisons but everyone has told me thats the one to go with.

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